Brad Paisley Stepping in For Ellen Degeneres To Host for a Day

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Country star Brad Paisley will be taking Ellen’s seat as host for the December 29th episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Listen up, Brad Paisley fans! The country superstar is taking over “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on December 29th. Celebrating the final season of her show being on-air, DeGeneres is giving the hosting reigns to Paisley for an episode.

This is the first time Paisley has hosted “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” However, he is no stranger to being a guest. Over the years, DeGeneres has invited him on the show seven times. With these experiences in his back pocket, Paisley is honored to be a host for a day.

“I was so honored Ellen asked me to guest host during her final season,” he says. “It shows so much belief…letting someone host a show that’s going off the air anyways.”

Paisley’s episode includes some special guests. British actor Cary Elwes will promote his new film, “A Castle for Christmas.” The Netflix movie is the Elwes’ first rom-com since “The Princess Bride.”

Singer and Sing 2 star Tori Kelly will grace the stage. She will promote her new movie as well as her children’s book, “The Curly Girl Blues.”

As host, Brad Paisley will also give a talented kid the spotlight. 11-year old Champ Jaxon will sing and play guitar on the episode.

Tune into Paisley’s fun-filled hosting gig at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on December 29th.

Brad Paisley’s Bourbon

The country superstar is now the creator of a Bourbon brand. “American Highway” Bourbon is unlike any other celebrity liquor. He tells Forbes that he didn’t want to put his name on any label and call it a day.

“If I had nothing to do with its creation, that wouldn’t feel right” he says. “It’s much more fun to help create it. And since I don’t have a distillery, if I was going to create it, how would I do that?”

Instead of making it in a distillery, Paisley took his barrels on the road. a 53-foot semi-trailer titled “Rolling Rickhouse” followed the country star across 25 states on his 2019 tour. Paisley believes that the miles traveled give the bourbon more flavor.

“Travel changes a human being, for sure. I’m a better person for having traveled, and it really does it to bourbon, too, in very similar ways. It smooths your edges and makes you, I don’t know, a little richer.”

The blending process occurred during COVID. The process meant mailing samples back and forth to Paisley’s team, and taste-testing them over Zoom calls. It was difficult, but it was well worth it.

“There’s so much similarity between something like this and building a guitar or writing a song,” he says. “You sit down and you put your heart into it and you create this thing and you hope somebody gets something out of it.”