Brad Pitt’s New Movie, ‘Bullet Train,’ Slammed By Critics

by Chris Piner

Just within the last three years, actor and mega-celebrity Brad Pitt has starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and portrayed Roy McBride in Ad Astra. Although there were rumors about the actor wanting to retire, it appears the end has yet to come. On Friday, fans of Brad Pitt can see him in the newest action movie Bullet Train. While the film is helmed by Brad Pitt, it appears critics aren’t falling in love with Bullet Train

For starters, David Rooney for THR stated Bullet Train, which has a two-hour run time, is “soulless”. He claimed the film is too “busy delivering violent action with a self-satisfied wink that its contorted plotting and one-note characters get real tedious real fast.” The critic also blamed the poor decision made on the actors. “It’s dispiriting to see so many capable actors put to such poor use…We don’t care about who gets pounded to a pulp or shot to pieces because there are no characters to root for – good guys or bad.”

Bullet Train Compared To Live-Action Cartoon

For Variety, Peter Debruge suggested that Bullet Train was nothing more than “a Kill Bill-like mix of martial arts, manga, and gabby hitman movie influences, minus the vision or wit that implies. It’s essentially a live-action cartoon, with high-profile cameos sprinkled in for added laughs.” He added that director David Leitch might be to blame. “Stylistically, Leitch is trying his darnedest to channel the likes of Tarantino and Ritchie, even if the dialogue and mock-British accents aren’t nearly strong enough to earn such comparisons.”

And if that didn’t make moviegoers take a second glance at the marquee, AV Club’s Todd Gilchrist sure did. He declared, “This film is not just bloated, tedious, dim-witted, and glib, it’s also redundant.”

The Film Is Already Stumbling On Rotten Tomatoes

Although that is more than enough, Gilchrist continued with his criticism. “It’s fine for a movie about a bunch of competing killers to itself place no value on human life, and even to joyfully indulge in that kind of nihilism, but the way the filmmakers inject a sense of pathos feels about as earnest and meaningful as an airport gift shop souvenir before the flight home from some far-flung foreign country.”

Again, set to release on Friday, Bullet Train received a measly 59% on Rotten Tomatoes. And with a budget of $85 million, it appears that Brad Pitt’s latest action film is stalling. Following a group of assassins, the film follows the group learning the reason they are all on the train. But even with a no for critics, the film is sure to draw in crowds this weekend. Bullet Train is based on a 2010 Japanese dark comedy by the same name.