‘Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Shares a Peter Brady Throwback To Kick Off 2022

by Megan Molseed

Sure, New Years Day is a time to welcome in the new as we say goodbye to the past. But, even as we all love the newness 2022 is bringing to our lives, sometimes a throwback pic is a perfect way to wish others a happy New Year. Especially if that throwback pic encapsulates the happy feelings we have as we enter 2022!

This is exactly what Brady Bunch star, Christopher Knight did as he welcomed in the new year.

In a Saturday night Instagram post, the former Peter Brady actor took to Instagram to cheers to a new year with his followers.

And, the throwback pic Christopher Knight added to his post is the perfect one to reflect the excitement we feel for all that the future holds for us in 2022.

“It’s 2022!” the former Brady Bunch star exclaims in the New Year’s Day post.

“Here’s to a great year!” Knight adds.

It’s hard to tell exactly what year this photo is from, but it is no doubt one that was taken during Christopher Knight’s days with the Brady Bunch.

The black and white headshot shows Christopher Knight as the Peter Brady we all grew up with while watching the popular series. His eyes are full of happiness and excitement; while his cheerful smile makes us all feel as if Peter Brady just KNOWS this is going to be our year!

‘Brady Bunch’ Finds Time For Reunions

The popular series The Brady Bunch may have come to an end in 1974. However, the Brady family has come back together often over the years through a variety of well-received reunion specials.

In fact, Christopher Knight and four of his original Brady Bunch costars came back together this holiday season in the Lifetime movie Blending Christmas.

Along with Knight, the other Brady Bunch cast members who reunited for Blending Christmas were Mike Lookinland, Barry Williams, Susan Olsen, and Robbie Rist.

The hit Lifetime holiday film also features a variety of cast members from many other iconic television shows and movies. This, of course, brought a sense of nostalgia for Lifetime movie watchers.

Even Knight was feeling some of that Brady Bunch nostalgia!

During a recent interview with Yahoo, Christopher Knight shares how some of his favorite memories of his time playing Peter Brady come from the various Brady Bunch Christmas specials.

“It wasn’t the holiday season, but it became the holiday season on set,” Christopher Knight says of the holiday shows.

“It was just a beautiful experience,” the Peter Brady star adds. “Even though it wasn’t Christmas, it was the best Christmas.”

Knight goes on to note that one of the things he liked best about this experience was the fact that it allowed him to celebrate the holiday with his on-set family.

“We got to experience it with each other,” Knight says of the special.

“We had two families,” the actor adds.

“I experienced Barry [Williams] as a brother. He’s certainly a friend, but he was also a brother,” the star explains. “That warmth and that feeling that you see when you watch the show was there… and somewhat missing from my own family. I remember that every Christmas.”