‘Brady Bunch’ Creator Sherwood Schwartz Opened Up About Alternative Titles

by Joe Rutland

When creating The Brady Bunch, Sherwood Schwartz looked at different titles for the show. He really gave them some thought, too.

Schwartz would talk about this in an interview connected with the book, Brady Brady Brady: The Complete Story of The Brady Bunch.

“No, the first title was Mine and Yours,” Schwartz said. “And, because that was sort of what it was, my kids and your kids. And that was the title until two or three years later, a movie came out called Yours, Mine and Ours. Which was a big money-maker for Paramount.”

‘Brady Bunch’ Storyline Quite Similar To That Of Hit 1960s Movie

That movie starred Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda and a widower with 10 children falls for a widow with eight children. The Brady Bunch storyline had a father with three boys connecting with a mother with three girls. There is a level of comparison between the two, obviously.

So, he would end up calling the show by its well-known title. If his name sounds familiar, then it should be to classic TV fans. He also was the creative force behind Gilligan’s Island on CBS. The Brady Bunch ran off five seasons on ABC.

Here is Sherwood Schwartz, along with his son Lloyd, talking about the book and the show. Lloyd Schwartz has kept the show’s memory alive after his father’s death. The Brady family has been represented in movies and TV specials over the years.

Show Creator Also Would Have A Hand In Creating Theme Song

While The Brady Bunch creator definitely had a lot of different eggs in the TV basket at times, one thing he could also do is write songs. As he points out, that theme song for Gilligan’s Island came right from him.

Schwartz said CBS executive Jim Aubrey, whom he talked with about the Gilligan show, liked the idea. Yet there was a difference of opinion on how to make it come alive. Why in the world were seven people on an island?

He tells Aubrey that “it was his contention that exposition would strangle the show. So I said, ‘I think I can keep the show fresh so far as the island, it’s a great locale. As far as what the people are gonna be doing, I said, ‘I have in mind a song that will satisfy that requirement.’ This was before that was in common use, that technique.”

Schwartz ended up writing the song himself just ahead of a big meeting with executives. He sang the theme song himself and it sold Aubrey on the show. Sherwood Schwartz also would do the same thing when The Brady Bunch theme song became alive.