‘Brady Bunch’ Creator Sherwood Schwartz Talked Struggles Getting Show Made

by Jacklyn Krol
Getty Images

The Brady Bunch hasn’t always been a household name.

The hit series creator Sherwood Schwartz revealed that it was quite difficult to get the show made.  In an interview with Connie Martinson, he revealed some of the struggles that he encountered. 

Schwartz explained that most of the networks that he pitched enjoyed the idea. However, most of them had “buts,” reasons that they did not want to pick it up.

Another issue was the title. He originally wanted it to be “Mine and Yours.” A few years after he registered the story idea with a writer’s guild, the movie “Yours Mine and Ours” came out. So the title needed to be changed. This was when he was pitching some of the big networks, like CBS.

“But we don’t do pilots anymore of how a show starts,” CBS told him. He explained to the executives that this is a special kind of show. Their rebuttal was that every show is special. They would have liked to see it be successful already as a comic strip, book, or movie.  

After a few years, he finally got ABC to sign on to the Brady Bunch project who saw the uniqueness in the series. And the rest is history!

‘Brady Bunch’ Final Episode Switch-Up

Did you know that Robert Reed, who played the family patriarch, wasn’t in the final episode of the Brady Bunch? It was his own decision, not realizing that this would be the final episode.

Just hours before they were set to film, he refused to appear because he did not like the storyline. The plot of the episode is where young Bobby gets into the hair tonic business. He sold some to his big brother Greg. Greg used it on the day of his high school graduation, however, his hair turned green.

“Bob called and said [that was an] outlandish story, unbelievable, ridiculous and I won’t do the show,” Schwartz recalled to Emmys.

In real life, this was actually possible. The creative department confirmed this with Clairol who receives numerous lawsuits weekly about products changing the color of their customers’ hair. People can get orange, green, or black hair from the products because every hair is different.

“But he wouldn’t even listen. He said I won’t do the show,” he continued. “He didn’t tell me this the week before the morning of the show he calls and tells me that he can’t do the show, won’t do the show.”

So with hours to spare, Schwartz managed to write him out of the final Brady Bunch episode. Although he did show up to set and cause a scene, he did end up supporting the cast and realizing the impact of his decision.