‘Brady Bunch’: How Many Spinoffs Has Eve Plumb Been In?

by Joe Rutland

Over the years, cast members of The Brady Bunch have appeared in a number of spinoffs from the original show. How many included Eve Plumb?

She has appeared in at least four of them. They are The Brady Girls Get Married, The Brady Bridges, The Bradys, and A Very Brady Christmas. All of this is according to an article on Best Life.

Plumb played middle-sister Jan Brady on the ABC sitcom that ran between 1969-74. At some points, the actress did not appear in some of the Brady spinoffs. Still, there are those related shows that have her in them. Oh, she remains connected to her costars from The Brady Bunch to this day.

‘Brady Bunch’ Actress Says That She Really Liked Travel Episodes

A while back, Plumb happened to talk about what parts of the show were her favorites. She recalled those travel episodes.

“I always liked the traveling,” she told the NBC morning show Today. “I still love to travel. It’s one of my favorite things to do. So when we got to go to the Grand Canyon was a lot of fun. When we got to go to Hawaii was fun.”

Yet there is something else about the show that remains true to this day. Plumb puts her finger on it when talking about the show’s familiarity. People can tune in and know what they are going to see. After all, no one is going to confuse the sitcom with, say, 60 Minutes.

Eve Plumb shares her thoughts. “It was a very nice, safe, fun show, knowing that nothing scary was going to happen and that problems would be solved in 20 minutes. It was familiar — like a chocolate chip cookie,” she says to The New York Post in 2019.

Plumb Thought Best Thing For Her Career Was To Tackle Challenging Role

It also is clear, too, that some of the actors on the show wanted to play something different than good boys and girls. Plumb sure did and found herself with a role to do that in her career.

What would be the best path to take? Embrace controversy. She explained what happened in The Brady Bunch Exposed documentary.

“I think every actor wants to play somebody who’s bad, you know,” Plumb says. “Doing the bad things, so I got to play a bland teen prostitute and, of course, I was so naive.”

Plumb scored solid reviews for the 1977 TV movie Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn. It was controversial at the time because of the movie’s sexual content.

If you don’t want to see her in that and just wish to see The Brady Bunch, then it’s on a TV somewhere in the world.