‘Brady Bunch’: One Star Found Later Stardom in a Popular Drama Series

by Chase Thomas

Can you believe that it has been over twenty years? Yes, it has been over 20 years since “The Brady Bunch Movie” was released for folks all around the country? Well, it has been some time since the movie starring Gary Cole and Shelley Long was released. That means some folks from the program have grown up a bit from their time playing the Brady children in the film. Yes, one star from “The Brady Bunch Movie”, Jesse Lee Soffer would later find stardom in a popular drama series of his own.

He took the role of Halstead on “Chicago P.D.” on NBC and immediately became a fan favorite. He may look mighty different now on the show. However, he did play Mike Brady in the movie that came out all the way back in 1995.

Christine Taylor on ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’

Taylor may have had the most iconic character in the satirical film. Her on-screen chemistry as Marcia with Jan is widely considered one of the strongest points for the two films. Taylor went on to star in other programs like “Dodgeball” and “Arrested Development”. However, this was an early huge role for Taylor.

She told EW, “It’s mostly that role, and then ironically, another thing I did 25 years ago, which was this show called Hey, Dude!. First of all, I’m so complimented that people still recognize me this many years later and that I haven’t transformed too much. [Laughs] But 100 percent, it’s Marcia Brady, and the crazy thing—and I remember even when we were doing press for the movie and the sequel—people always thought that I was the original Marcia, Maureen McCormick.”

Taylor Looked Like McCormick

How funny is that? She was such a lookalike for Maureen McCormick some fans really thought it was her.

She continued, “The plumber would come to the house and be like, “Oh, I grew up watching your show!” You’ve just gotta go with it. There’s no need to clarify at that point, because they’ve got the right character, I don’t need to say, “No, I was the one in the movie.” I just let people enjoy whichever version of Marcia they think I am.” She looked so much like Maureen. You could understand the misunderstanding the movie causes for so many fans.

Taylor concluded, “It was just one of the most fun jobs you could ever have. I grew up obsessed with the show. I came home from school every day and watched reruns obsessively. And I did hear that I looked like her growing up, so I always had this fascination with the show and had lines memorized. I would do impressions of Marcia for my friends even before I became an actress.”

She was a fan of the original program and was able to have fun making the movie.