‘Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Reflects on If Children Would Follow Profession

by Allison Hambrick

Iconic Brady Bunch star Barry Williams once opened up about whether or not his children would follow in his footsteps to fame. The former Greg Brady actor is father to two: a daughter, Samantha, and a son, Brandon.

“My son is a musician, but also a full-time student, and hasn’t made any [comments] about going into that as a profession,” Williams said. “My little girl is a natural. She’s got a big personality, but I am not sure she would choose [showbiz] as a profession, either. You know, I’m a dad, so I would be 100 percent supportive of whatever they chose to do.”

His refreshing attitude to parenting reflects a similar spirit to that of The Brady Bunch. A comfort show for many, the hit series is all about good vibes and family. That sickly sweet nostalgia is the main reason Williams feels the show remains popular.

“It might not be absolutely in the foremost of your mind, but it’s out there,” said Williams. “It’s always alive. There’s a sparkle in anyone who has done the show. They are remembered for it. Perhaps because the show continues to touch people. And those childhood memories are the deepest. For all these years, people continue to remember us and the show through all these different phases in life. It’s been an interesting, magical ride.”

Additionally, he explained that the show maintains its fanbase because of those lighthearted themes.

The Brady Bunch has been successful, but the reality is its success is compounded by the years that it grows in success,” he explained. “It’s still on 50 years later. It’s more esteemed than it was at the time we were doing it. For whatever reason, it was blessed with this evergreen sensibility that we have ridden along with this thing.”

Brady Bunch Star Talks Multi-Generational Appeal of Show

Because of that relatability, Williams explained that he’s met fans of all ages. Anyone can watch and enjoy The Brady Bunch. He even poked fun at the advancing age of the original cast.

“I always hear, ‘Hey man, I grew up with you. I grew up with your show,’” Williams said. “We have three generations of people that grew up with us at different times. There are a lot of people our age, some a little younger than that, and the grandkids. There has always been a sense of curiosity about us. Now that we’ve grown up, what are our lives like? What’s that world like when the Brady kids are moms, dad, grandmas, and grandpas?”

In addition, Williams unpacked the legacy of The Brady Bunch. He clarified that now more than ever people need the positivity of the Bradys.

“I think we need to take a look at the kind of time capsule that we’re in right now,” Williams explained. “What’s going on, where we are as a country, what’s taking up our news, what’s taking up our times. There’s a definite need and space for something inspirational, uplifting, and positive. A break from some of the divisive things