‘Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight, His Wife and Their Dog All Wore Matching Halloween Costumes

by Suzanne Halliburton

Ever the planner, Christopher Knight, one of the stars of the iconic Brady Bunch, already is thinking about next year’s spooky holiday.

What should Knight, his wife and the family dog don in the way of costumes for Halloween, 2022?

The actor who played Peter on The Brady Bunch posted a photo of 2021 Halloween, showing off their hot dog costumes. That included cute little Stella, the family Dachsund. Knight captioned it:

“Stella’s first Halloween costume. What should we do next year?”

Yes, Brady Bunch Fans Went There

Well Peter Brady, you asked for costume ideas. Expect some jokes from fans who’ve watched all the Brady Bunch episodes more than once.

One fan answered: “Next year, dress up as pork chops and applesauce.”

A couple of years ago, the Brady Bunch siblings were doing a home renovation show for HGTV. And they also were honoring the 50th anniversary of the show. Knight did a Q & A with Forbes to talk up the reno show and the series that made him famous. He said he gets asked at least twice a month about “pork chops and applesauce.”

“As I’ve gotten older,” Knight said, “I think it’s become a little less comfortable for individuals to ask a sixty-year-old man to say, ‘Pork chops and apple sauce.’ But when I was younger, it would be requested of me quite frequently.”

Now, remember, you also have to roll your shoulders and curl your lips before you ask a now 63-year-old man to say “pork chops and applesauce.”

Knight said: “You’ve got people in Australia who are tickled in the same way that it’s tickled somebody in Omaha, Nebraska.”

Infamous Brady Episode Aired in October, 1971

The infamous “pork chops and applesauce” Brady Bunch episode was called “The Personality Kid.” Peter was in desperate need of a new personality. Imagine going to a party where only one kid would talk to you. And even that kid thought Peter was a yawner. So Peter convinced himself to try out a new personality. He’d seen enough old movies. Maybe Humphrey Bogart would be a big hit in early 1970s Brady Bunch suburbia.

The pork chops and apple sauce line, which also included “that’s swell” was what’s for dinner. Carol and Alice were fixing it. It became a running joke. Check your calendars, it’s still a running joke 50 years later. The episode ran Oct. 22, 1971.

Another one of Knight’s Instagram followers thought he and his wife should dress up as Carol and Mike Brady. So should Stella be Tiger, the family dog? Here’s a sad fact about Tiger. The real dog actor also was named Tiger. But he was hit by a car and died before the fourth episode of the Brady Bunch. You’d see another Tiger making appearances in the show through season two. Then the show cut him from the cast.

Knight has almost a year to figure out the perfect Halloween costumes.