‘Brady Bunch’ Star Susan Olsen Revealed One Personal Feature That Carried Into Character

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Paramount Television/Courtesy of Getty Images)

The Brady Bunch was one of the most iconic shows of its time. The Bradys had instant chemistry on the screen that endeared them to so many families across the country. However, because the kids grew up on set, it’s fair to wonder how much of who they really were permeated into their characters. Or was there ever anything at all? Well, Brady Bunch star Susan Olsen revealed one personal feature that carried into her character on the program.

In the interview, Susan Olsen said, “Initially I loved to wear my hair in those pigtails. Little did I know it would be really difficult to ever have my hair be any different.” As fans of the show know, that would become her staple style on the show. It just worked out that way for Olsen and the Brady Bunch.

Susan Olsen on ‘The Brady Bunch’

Olsen was a star on the show from the beginning. She was the youngest of the Brady girls, so she did a lot of growing up while on the program. Now, though, so many years have passed since the show first began. Olsen recently had the opportunity to revisit the Brady home, too.

She told Fox News, “They performed a miracle. And it’s something that would have satisfied the 9-year-old me. As a little girl, I was always interested in architecture…. They contacted us and said they wanted us to be involved with the process… But they did the impossible – they recreated that set. And it looks exactly like the same house. People will get to see how that happens in the show — the decisions that were made, the construction that was going on. And all of us were experts designated to different rooms.”

Susan Olsen Interview

It’s a totally different house, but they were still able to recreate that iconic set. Even after all those years, the house got adjusted to look just as it did on the program. She and the rest of the stars from the Brady Bunch were heavily involved in the process.

Olsen concluded, “We have a ridiculously good relationship. We get along better than we did when we were filming “The Brady Bunch.” It was a really, really happy time filming that series, but it was also a love/hate relationship for those who wanted to continue acting because there was some typecasting involved. But I think we all learned with time that there’s something really precious about the show. And the truth is, it continues to make people happy.”

The cast still has a great relationship with one another, which is great to hear. The Brady Bunch is incredibly special to them and Olsen realizes it still means so much to so many folks.