‘Breakfast Club’ Star Ally Sheedy Looks Back on Rehab Stint, Living on ‘Rocker Sort of Schedule’

by Allison Hambrick

Ally Sheedy is opening up about her history of substance abuse and her stint in rehab in 1989. According to the Breakfast Club actress, she was living on a “rocker sort of schedule” at the time.

“Oh God, it was so long ago,” Sheedy told Closer Weekly. “I went to rehab [for] sleeping pills. I started taking them when I was in a really toxic relationship. The person I was with was a real drug addict, and the sleeping pills had something to do with that rocker sort of schedule.”

Sheedy encouraged anyone who needs help to get it. The Breakfast Club star opened up about the advice she would have given her past self to avoid some of those struggles.

“I would tell my younger self, ‘Be careful about the men you get involved with because it can lead you down quite a rocky road,’” she said. “One of the things that was great about rehab was it also got me away from that person. I needed that.”

Sheedy was a part of the “Brat Pack,” which included a bunch of young, bankable movie stars in the 1980s. Also including Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, and Judd Nelson, the group was known for their intense partying.

The Breakfast Club Star Talks Being in the Brat Pack

According to Sheedy, the revelation that she belonged in the group was a surprise.

“It was a great group,” she said. “And working with [director] John Hughes was incredible. He was very open to improv and gave a lot of freedom to us. We were on one set for three months. It became like family.” However, she didn’t see how she qualified.

“I was in complete shock when that Brat Pack thing came out,” The Breakfast Club actress continued. “I was extremely naive on some of those interviews – and actually came off as a little bit stupid – I didn’t see it coming.”

The extra attention led her to change her appearance to match the headlines. She was encouraged to develop more of a movie-star look.

“That’s Hollywood,″ Sheedy added. “I don’t think that many people would talk about it because they want to come off as they were perfect, to begin with… But I was absolutely bald-faced, point-blank told to change practically every single inch of myself. I tried for a little while to do the makeup. I went to this wonderful, sweet man. He showed me, ‘OK, they want you to look glamorous. Here’s what you need to do.’ And he put this stuff on my face and tried to show me how to do it and I practiced at home.”

Sheedy continued: “It was just so ridiculous! They weren’t just looking for someone with makeup on looking a certain way. They were looking for some sort of persona.”