‘Breakfast Club’ star Ally Sheedy Was Shocked to Be Part of Brat Pack

by Joe Rutland

Being a part of the Brat Pack in the 1980s sure did shock actress Ally Sheedy, who had a role in the classic movie The Breakfast Club.

Sheedy talks about those times in a recent interview with Fox News. In case you forgot, Sheedy also starred in the movie with Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, and Judd Nelson. But other members of the Brat Pack included Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, and Andrew McCarthy.

“I was in complete shock when that Brat Pack thing came out,” Sheedy says. “I was extremely naive on some of those interviews – and actually came off as a little bit stupid. (And) I didn’t see it coming.”

It was one of those times where actors in this group either were in movies together or apart. The Brat Pack of The Breakfast Club days, in no way, came close to getting near the adoration of the nicknamed “Rat Pack” of the 1960s with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin. Still, it was what some people wanted to tag these young actors into a group.

Sheedy nowadays still acts some but she’s a college professor. She does talk openly with her students about those Hollywood experiences in her life.

‘Breakfast Club’ Co-Star Anthony Michael Hall Says Hughes Thought About Sequel

Wouldn’t it have been cool to see a sequel of The Breakfast Club from director John Hughes? He thought about it before his death.

That’s according to Sheedy’s co-star Anthony Michael Hall. “The thought of The Breakfast Club gets mentioned sometimes,” he says. “And I think, again, because of John’s writing it’s a legit concept, the possibility of that being remade. I think it might in some future date.

“The last time I got to speak with John, he called me in 1987 with John Candy on the phone, the legend,” Hall said. “So, I sat on the phone with these guys for like two and a half hours. And I will tell you that it was in John’s thinking.”

Hall went on to say that Hughes was “really was playing with the idea of seeing us all like in our early middle-age all those years later. At the time, I was only 20. It was only five years after I worked with him, but it was something he was playing with.”

Sadly, John Hughes died at 59 years old of a massive heart attack. The director had a plethora of movies to his credit and, it seems, had other plans for The Breakfast Club even after its initial success. Meanwhile, Candy also did a starring turn in a Hughes movie, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, with Steve Martin.