‘Breakfast Club’s Ally Sheedy Shares Advice She Would Tell Her ‘Younger Self’

by Michael Freeman

Breakfast Club star Ally Sheedy has been busy since her appearance in the classic film decades ago, though not all of it was good. Reflecting on the past, she shared advice she would have told her “younger self.”

Speaking to Closer about her recent role in Single Drunk Female, Ally Sheedy talked about this movie, previous ones, and her life in general. As the name suggests, the movie handles alcoholism, as well as Sheedy’s character and her relationship with her daughter. Sheedy then talked about her own addiction battles, saying if she could tell her younger self anything, it’s to be careful with the men you involve yourself with.

“I would tell my younger self: ‘Be careful about the men you get involved with because it can lead you down quite a rocky road,'” Sheedy stated. “One of the things that was great about rehab was it also got me away from that person. I needed that.”

Sheedy’s advice stems from the fact the person she was seeing at the time was addicted to drugs. Her unhealthy relationship with him lead her down the same dark road. She disclosed she went to rehab because of sleeping pills.

Luckily, rehab helped her greatly. She then talked about the work she does now fulfilling her, like teaching at the City University of New York and the City College campus.

Ally Sheedy Also Discussed her Students Googling Her

On the subject of Ally Sheedy teaching, it’s only natural her students would be curious about their professor. In another recent interview, Sheedy discussed occasionally being recognized and her students Googling her.

Being a movie star and teaching film classes, having students recognize Sheedy was inevitable. I often Googled my own professors, though I can’t say I ever had any with as exciting a background as she possesses. In a PEOPLE interview, she said she welcomes her students doing this and tells them things she wished she had known at their age.

“Some of [my students] Google me, or they have a great filmography in their head and they’ve seen what I’ve done,” she disclosed. “I’m very open to talking about my experiences. And I have an affinity for them so much because they are the age I was when I was working. I’m telling them everything I wish I knew!”

Considering how iconic The Breakfast Club still is today, that’s a topic they frequently bring up too. Fortunately, that’s also a subject she doesn’t shy away from. “I’m always happy to talk about The Breakfast Club,” Sheedy told the outlet. “I still really love it!”

That being said, Sheedy starred in a number of other notable films too, such as St. Elmo’s Fire, WarGames, High Art, and Short Circuit.