‘Breaking Bad’ Star Bryan Cranston Reveals Two Favorite Episodes

by Thad Mitchell

Though it has been off the air for several years now, “Breaking Bad” remains a cultural phenomenon to this day.

A big reason for all of the “Breaking Bad” acclaim and praise is the work of actor Bryan Cranston. “Breaking Bad” was a career-defining series for the veteran actor, earning him numerous awards and critical acclaim. On the show, Cranston plays mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher Walter White. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, White contemplates how to make enough money to leave his family in good shape. After a chance encounter with a former student and drug addict, Jesse Pinkman, the two team-up. Using his superior knowledge of chemistry, White manufactures a high-grade methamphetamine and takes the name “Heisenberg” as an alias. Jesse works the street to sell the meth but meets numerous challenges along the way. The show revolves around the volatile relationship between White and Pinkman as they become drug kingpins.

“Breaking Bad” is considered one of the best-written and best-acted television shows of all time. The cast is outstanding, seemingly born to play their parts on the show. One particular character, Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, even got his own spinoff series. “Better Call Saul” is entering its sixth and final season and has been a tremendous success. But it is Bryan Cranston who emerges from “Breaking Bad” as the unquestioned star. Cranston once revealed his two favorite episodes of the show were “Phoenix” and “Felina,” according to an interview with Far Out Magazine.

‘Breaking Bad’ Star Bryan Cranston Talks Top Episodes

“Pheonix” is the 12th episode of the second “Breaking Bad” season. In the episode, Walt makes a large sum of money from a drug sale but won’t give Jesse his half because of his heavy drug use. Jesse’s girlfriend, fellow drug addict Jane, threatens to expose Walt’s scheme if he doesn’t give Jesse his share of the money. Later that evening, Walt breaks into Jesse’s apartment where he and Jane have just taken heroin. Trying to wake Jesse up, he knocks Jane over onto her back and she succumbs to asphyxiation. Cranston says the scene was tough for him to take as he imagined the same scenario happening to his own daughter.

“Felina” is the series finale of “Breaking Bad” capping of its historic run. In this episode, Walt comes out of hiding in an effort to right his wrongs. With millions of dollars still left, he finds a way to get the money to his family by threatening a former business associate. With the money heading to his family, he sets out to seek revenge on the militia that killed his brother-in-law and took his money. He kills every single member of the militia and free Jesse from their capture before dying from his own wounds. The final episode ends with Walt admiring his meth-cooking operation before falling to the ground dead.