‘Breaking Bad’: Where Did the Series Film at

by Chase Thomas

Breaking Bad was an iconic show of the early 2010s on AMC. It was a show, much like its spinoff series Better Call Saul, that grabbed the attention of millions of folks. All around the world. One of the more unique elements of the program, outside of its brilliant production from Vince Gilligan, was where the show took place. It was set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A very different location for a show all across the board. However, was the show actually filmed there? Well, it was shot where the show said they were.

Funny enough, that was not the original plan for the program. The original plan had the show take place in Southern California. However, things changed for a monetary reason and New Mexico was a fun, different option for the team. Gilligan told Vulture, “Sony said, ‘What do you think about shooting in Albuquerque, New Mexico? We’ll get a 25 percent rebate on monies spent within the state.”

Then it was settled. The show would be shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the rest, as they say was history.

Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston on ‘Breaking Bad’

Breaking Bad was a hit, but it did not start that way. It took a couple of seasons before folks bought into the hype. It was in those later seasons, especially when the program split the final season into two parts, that it really exploded all across the world. The show became as big and celebrated as The Wire and The Sopranos.

Aaron Paul told Esquire, “Breaking Bad was one of the first series people binge-watched, because the first three seasons all plopped onto Netflix at once. AMC made their deal with Netflix when we were still shooting Season Four, I believe, and that’s really when the wave started.”

It was new. Netflix got it over the hump with so many folks able to catch up and stream all the episodes over a decade ago.

Bryan Cranston added, “I realized it was really becoming something in our third season. Every TV or film production has these directional signs that tell the cast and crew where to park for that day’s location, with arrows, and in the first season they said “Breaking Bad.” Those were stolen, so in Season Two, they said “BrBa,” and those were stolen. So in our third season, the producers and location managers had to use a fake title—I think they put up a fake sign like for a mayonnaise commercial or something. When I realized people cared enough to steal these things, that was a formative moment.”

They had to hide where they were because it had gotten so big.

You can watch Breaking Bad on Netflix.