Brian Laundrie’s Dad Takes Swipe at the Media Amid Gabby Petito Case: ‘This Isn’t Right’

by Samantha Whidden

As the lawsuit between the families of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie continues, the father of Laundrie reportedly took a swipe at the media. 

According to The Sun, Brian Laundrie’s father, Christopher, stated that he and his wife Roberta are being “tried” by the media and it isn’t right to him. While out for a hike, Christopher became hostile with reporters. As he was asked if he wanted to address Gabby Petito’s family, Laundrie became aggressive. “If I wanted to say something to them I would have. Don’t to me anymore,” he declared while swatting his hand. 

The confrontation with the media came just one day after the Laundrie’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit from Gabby Petito’s family was denied by a judge. The Petito family claims in the lawsuit that the Laundries knew their son killed Gabby before she was found dead in Grand Teton National Park last September. 

The lawyer of Gabby Petito’s family, Reilly, stated that the Laundrie’s attorney, Steve Bertolino issued a statement on behalf of the family on September 16th of last year about potentially finding Gabby. “On behalf of the Laundrie family, it is our hope that the search for Ms. Petito is successful and that Ms. Petito is reunited with her family,” the statement read. 

Reilly argued that the Laundries issued that statement while allegedly knowing that Gabby Petito was in fact dead by that time. 

Brian Laundrie’s Confession of Killing Gabby Petito Discovered in His Notebook 

Fox News reported last month that Brian Laundrie wrote about killing Gabby Petito. This happened while they were on a cross-country road trip together last summer. However, he claimed that Gabby injured herself when she feline Wyoming. “I ended her life,” he declared. “I thought it was merciful, that it is what she wanted, but I see now all the mistakes I made.”

While writing about Gabby Petito’s injury, Laundrie explained. “From the moment I decided, took away her pain, I knew I couldn’t go on with her.”

Laundrie then asked in the journal for everyone to go easy on his family. “Please do not make life harder for my family. They lost a son and a daughter. The most wonderful girl in the world. Gabby, I’m sorry.”

Laundrie also apologized to his family for what he had done. “This is a shock to them as well [as] a terrible [grief].”

Laundrie’s parents and authors met at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on October 20, 2021. That was where they discovered a book bag with the notebook along with Brian’s body. His death was ruled as suicide. 

The Laundrie family’s attorney also spoke to Fox New Digital about being given to notebook. “Today, the Petito family attorney, Patrick Reilly, and myself met with the FBI in Tampa to sort through and take possession of the personal items that belonged to Gabby and Brian. As part of this return of property in FBI custody, I was given Brian’s notebook and I have turned [the] same over to Chris and Robert Laundrie.”