Bruce Dern Reveals What He’s Enjoyed Most About Making New Western ‘Last Shoot Out’

by Anna Dunn

Actor Bruce Dern recently revealed what he enjoyed most about making the new western film Last Shoot Out. The actor is now taking a major part in Michael Feifer’s upcoming drama.

Dern plays outlaw leader Blair Callahan.

In a review for the film, Variety noted that “Dern doesn’t get a lot of screen time here. But he makes every moment count as Blair Callahan, the snarlingly authoritative paterfamilias for a family of rustlers, killers and assorted other ne’er-do-wells.”

From the looks of it, Dern really stood out in the film.

When the movie begins it’s revealed that Callahan’s not so smart son, Jody has somehow managed to marry Jocelyn. She’s one of the prettiest girls in town who’s father, a lawman, recently passed away. But when Jocelyn hears a horrifying conversation between Blair and a friend, she runs off and refuses to marry.

Jocelyn is saved. But what happens next is a massive shoot out between Blair’s evil gang and the people who saved her.

‘Last Shoot Out’ is Inspired by the Classics

When asked in a C&I Q&A about what his favorite part about making the movie is, Dern pointed out that the film has a certain “throwback” quality to it.

“Well, this was the first time where I was kind of a throwback to a character you’d see in a lot of the movies they made when I was growing up and watching movies. Where Lionel Barrymore or somebody like that was the head of a family. And the family went to range wars, or whatever they were, in the old westerns,” he said. This is definitely reminiscent of the plot in The Last Shoot Out.

“In this case, I was head of this family. I knew that my kid didn’t have a lot of game, like the way I wanted him to have. And I had a feeling that this girl probably wasn’t wrong in the decision she made to run off. But my kid was going to get his day in court if you know what I mean. Simply because that’s the math that went down in those days,” he explained.

Dern has Played a Ton of Different Roles

Dern can really step into a villain role, but he’s also played some really interesting roles that aren’t that villainous at all. His incredibly moving work as a grumpy yet ultimately naive father in Nebraska earned him a nomination for best actor at the 2013 Academy Awards.

But of course, Dern has also played his fair share of villains.

Last Shoot Out aired on December 3rd and has since garnered mixed reviews. But it may be worth a watch if you’re a die-hard fan of westerns or if you like Bruce Dern’s work.