‘Bull’ Cast Is All Style in Stunning Group Shot

by Megan Molseed

Michael Weatherly’s Dr. Jason Bull may have been facing some pretty serious charges in the recent episode of Bull. But, this didn’t stop the trial consultant from showing off his spot-on style with members of his team.

“There’s no I in team,” notes the show’s Instagram page earlier this weekend.

The photograph included with the Instagram post shows Michael Weatherly looking dapper outside the courtroom along with two members involved in Bull’s Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) team.

Standing with the Dr. Jason Bull actor in the Insta pic is Sharon Washington’s Olivia Powell and Christopher Jackson who plays Chunk Palmer in the popular series.

While the Instagram post notes that there is no “I” in the word team, it does say that there is certainly an “I” in one of Bull’s most common legal terms.

“But there is one in voire dire,” the Instagram post notes.

This, of course, is a term that Weatherly’s Dr. Jason Bull and his TAC team use quite often. And, it is one that became the center of the most recent Bull episodes. In these episodes, fans saw the trial analyst going to trial for charges of jury tampering.

There Is A Lot Going On For ‘Bull’ Fans To Follow

The Instagram post adds that fans need to make sure they are caught up on how this trial eventually unfolds during the Thursday, December 2 episode.

“If you’re not caught up on last night’s episode what are you doing?” asks the Bull Instagram post. “Watch now on @ParamountPlus.”

In the most recent episode of the popular CBS series, Michael Weatherly’s character was facing charges after he was charged with jury tampering.

Thankfully, it was soon revealed that Dr. Jason Bull and his team were being framed and the charges are dropped.

While things worked out well for the Bull TAC team, the disturbing plot-point led to some speculation that the Bull team may be saying goodbye to some big players.

Recently, rumors have been circulating suggesting the departure of Geneva Carr’s Bull character Marissa Morgan. However, showrunners have made it clear that that there is no truth to these rumors.

In fact, executive producer, Kathryn Price recently described Geneva Carr as being a major “key player” in the series.

Of course, fans do know that Marissa Morgan has recently been reevaluating her role in the TAC and embarking on a journey of personal growth. But, it seems, this will simply be leading to bigger storylines for the character.