‘Bull’ Could Be Nearing Cancelation on CBS

by Joe Rutland

Michael Weatherly fans might want to listen up. Apparently, Bull is on the potential chopping block for CBS.

Weatherly, who plays Dr. Jason Bull, came over to this series after a successful run as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo on NCIS.

Outsiders, let’s see what is going on here thanks to an article from TV Fanatic.

According to this piece, Bull has been on the uneasy ground for a number of seasons. Its latest numbers show Bull down more than 30 percent to 4.1 million viewers and getting a 0.32 rating. When it comes to delayed viewing (think DVR), the show goes up to 7.40 million viewers and has a 0.6 rating in delayed viewing.

It should be noted that all of this speculation does not come from CBS. What does the network plan to do about this show? We don’t know right now. But when CBS does make a decision about it, then we will pass along the details to you.

‘Bull’ Star Michael Weatherly Says He Can Relate To Character

When it comes to playing on Bull, Michael Weatherly says that he can relate to his character quite well.

How so? Well, look at what Jason Bull has been through on the show.

Grief, loss, alcoholism, messy breakups, work struggles, and we’re just getting started.

Weatherly spoke about his character in an interview with HeyUGuys.

“I can relate to him in the way everyone can,” Weatherly says. “Which is we all know what it feels like when we know we’re right and it feels so good and it feels so pure and strong.

“You have this righteous like ‘I know I’m right,'” he says. “That’s the exact moment you have to be the most suspicious of how you are thinking and feeling. I think everyone can plug into Bull.”

Lead Actor on Show Remembers Flying From NYC to LA During Season 1

So, the actor had some troubles himself when the show filmed Season 1. Weatherly would be in New York City working; his family was in Los Angeles.

“I was alone, flying back and forth to try and vampire enough affection from my family to carry me through two or three more weeks,” Weatherly says. “It can be very alienating and then all of a sudden you start to become cynical about your own emotions because it’s hurt you to be away from it.

“So part of your psychology is well ‘if it hurt me because I fell in love, then I just won’t feel love, that will save me the pain’ and let’s hope that’s not where we’re all headed!” he says.

OK, well we will have to see if Weatherly will come back as Bull for another season. If the ratings don’t improve, then it might be lights out for the lawyer.