‘Bull’ Fans Are Dying to Know: What Happened to Benny?

by John Jamison

We’re calling Bull on the show’s handling of Freddy Rodriguez and his Benny Colón character’s departure ahead of Season 6. Benny’s sudden exit surprised fans of the Michael Weatherly-led CBS series. The show revolves around a brilliant trial consultant team with Benny as a key player. So what happened to him between Seasons 5 and 6?

Well, the rest of the TAC (Trial Analysis Corporation) team discussed just that in the Season 6 premiere of the legal drama. Bull has been on the air since 2016, and its current season kicked off last week. The premiere episode, titled “Gone,” featured a scene where the whole gang was out singing karaoke. They gave fans a brief update on Benny’s situation.

“Benny is blissfully happy in Rome, singing ‘Mi Amore’ to his Italian bride,” Marissa Morgan (Geneva Carr) said in the episode.

“True love won’t be denied,” Michael Weatherly’s Dr. Jason Bull chimed in.

Wait, what? Didn’t Freddy Rodriguez’s Benny character return to the TAC team after nearly running for District Attorney at the end of Season 5? He did. And you’d be correct in thinking his exit from the team, and therefore the show was a bit suspicious.

Don’t get us wrong; people are written off of TV shows all the time. Whether it’s because the story is better served by the character no longer being there or the actor stepping away from the role, it happens. In the case of Bull, it seems Benny falls squarely in the latter camp.

The series underwent a major shakeup this past off-season. According to TV Line, CBS conducted an investigation into the show after a handful of writers walked away from the show. The reason? Well, showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron’s exit says a lot.

‘Bull’ Showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron was a Source of Controversy

Following the CBS investigation, showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron’s contract with the studio was terminated, and he was off the show. Considering the fact that Freddy Rodriguez shared an Instagram post around that time saying, “Thrilled to announce that we will be returning for a Season 6” a week before announcing his own departure, it’s difficult to believe that two situations are entirely unrelated.

Of course, we can’t know for sure. CBS has declined to comment on the Benny actor’s exit. What we do know is Caron has a reputation for being tough on his staff.

“It was a toxic environment while I was there. And now that I have much more experience and I have been a showrunner myself, I can tell you, there are a lot of different ways to tell a writer that what they’re submitting didn’t work for you without attacking them in a cruel way,” producer Melinda Hsu Taylor, who worked for Caron on Medium, told The Hollywood Reporter in May.