‘Bull’: Here’s Why Freddy Rodriguez Left the Show

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the hit CBS series Bull were excited when the procedural drama return to the airwaves for its sixth season earlier this month.

However, as fans welcomed Bull’s Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) team back to the airwaves in the popular Michael Weatherly-led drama, there was one character that was notably absent from the cast: Benny Colon.

Portrayed by Freddy Rodriguez, Benny Colon portrayed Bull’s TAC lead attorney for the TAC since the series premiered in 2016.

Is There More To Rodriguez’s Exit From ‘Bull’?

Bull’s sixth season premiered with the news that Benny Colon had fallen in love and subsequently ran away to Europe with his new partner. However, there is likely a lot more to the actor’s exit from the series. More than just an exciting European love story.

The news that Freddy Rodriguez would not be returning to Bull came after some shocking allegations. Since the news, there have been reports that members of the Bull writing staff alleged that one of the series’ showrunners, Glen Gordon Caron, created a toxic environment on set.

Freddy Rodriguez has not spoken about his exit publicly. So whether or not his exit had anything to do with these allegations against Caron is connected is still unknown.

CBS has not yet released any more details about the investigation.

Did Season Five Prepare Audiences For A Surprising Exit?

The report that Rodriguez’s Benny Colon would not return in Bull’s season six didn’t necessarily come as a big surprise to fans of the hit series, however. As Bull’s fifth season came to a close, it seemed that the series was setting up an exit for Rodriguez. In the series, Benny Colon was considering a run for District Attorney.

At the end of Bull’s fifth season, Benny was gearing up to run for District Attorney. And Jason Bull’s go-to guy, Chunk Palmer was primed to take his spot.

In fact, Benny Colon even resigned from the TAC team as he planned to go forward with his campaign.

However, Benny’s plans did not go as expected. And Benny returned to Bull’s team by the end of the season.

Showrunners do admit that there are off-camera reasons for Rodriguez’s departure. However, the character’s newfound love explains Rodriguez’s absence on screen.

“Benny found love in a different country,” says Bull showrunner Nichole Millard. “And the team is very happy for him.”

Fans Were Unsure Of What To Expect From Benny In Season Six

The news that Rodriguez would not be reprising his role as TAC attorney Benny Colon first broke on May 23. This announcement came after Freddy Rodriguez posted to social media; implying audiences would see his return to the series in the sixth season.

After it was announced in early May that the hit series was returning for another season, the Bull actor reportedly posted about the news on his Instagram page.

“Thrilled to announce that we will be returning for a Season 6,” Freddy Rodriguez wrote on the May Insta post. Which has since been deleted.

It wasn’t long after the post, however, that news of Benny Colon’s departure from Bull was announced.