‘Bull’: How Michael Weatherly Feels About Portraying Character Battling ‘Appetite for Destruction’

by Jacklyn Krol

Michael Weatherly revealed what it’s like to portray Bull who has an “appetite for destruction.”

The NCIS alum spoke to HeyUGuys about what it’s like to portray Dr. Jason Bull and his downfalls. Fans of the hit CBS series know that his character has struggled with alcoholism and his anger throughout the six seasons.

“I don’t necessarily think it’s alcoholism as much as it’s an appetite for destruction,” Weatherly admitted. “There’s a scene in an episode this year where there’s a tray of sweets and he’s staring at the tray and he touches the tray and then he pushes it away from himself and he stares at it again and then he gets up to actually move it to the end of the table. I think he uses food or alcohol or any of these things to try to plug this hole he’s got.”

Weatherly added that his one “glaring omission” is his “appetite for sex.” Case in point, when a fellow attorney asks him out on a date. His response was to say that you don’t want to be with me.

“So he’s using this other quasi-addiction to remove himself from any kind of human connection,” Weatherly continued. “He’s gripping the steering wheel and white knuckling himself through this maze of streets and the only thing that gets him away from these tendencies is to work twenty hours a day.”

Bull began taking things somewhat seriously after suffering from a heart attack. At the same time, he still can end up working for the enemy or against himself.

Weatherly believes that Jason tries to do good for someone because it’s the only good in the rest of his turmoil. He struggles with personal relationships and functioning from day to day. But at the end of the day, the actor enjoys playing the role. He even wants to see what other trouble Jason can get into.

“I’d love to see him maybe get arrested for wearing that earpiece and being banned from court and see what happens when Bull is on the outside, can’t get into his addiction, you know? You can see I have way too much fun doing this,” he concluded.

Why He Left ‘NCIS’ For ‘Bull’

Not many people would turn down the opportunity to star in your very own series like Bull. He portrayed Anthony Dinozzo for thirteen seasons since the show’s inception.

“You can’t be in that No. 2 slot [on Gibbs’ team] forever,” Weatherly told TV Line. “That started to feel constrained to me.”

“McGee is looking at him and saying, ‘When you get out of here I want to be No. 2,’ and Gibbs is looking at him like, ‘You’re kind of hanging around. Have you got things you want to do?’”

Although he does miss the cast and appreciates what the show did for him, it was time to move on.

“I always appreciated the gift of the job, but the hardest part of the whole experience was thinking, ‘Oh, no…. I think it’s time I have to leave,” he concluded.