‘Bull’: Michael Weatherly-Led Show Writes Out Original Cast Member

by Megan Molseed

Former NCIS star Michael Weatherly returned to the small screen last week when his hit CBS series Bull began its sixth season on Thursday, October 6.

Of course, the members of the hit Michael Weatherly-led series were happy to return to their on-screen offices with the outspoken trial expert. However, there was one character that was noticeably absent as the show’s sixth season premiered last week.

As the sixth season of Bull premiered on October 6, Benny Colón who is played on the hit CBS drama series Freddy Rodriguez was nowhere in sight.

Apparently, the character has found a one-of-a-kind love and has since run away to Europe.

‘True Love Won’t Be Denied’ For One ‘Bull’ Player

Early in the new episode, members of Dr. Jason Bull’s (Michael Weatherly) Trial Analysis team are blowing off some steam in a karaoke bar when one of the players mentions they would love to hear Benny Colón’s rendition of a Kenny Loggins favorite.

However, Benny he is no longer around to sing with his former Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) coworkers, as the team quickly points out.

“Benny is blissfully happy in Rome, singing ‘Mi Amore’ to his Italian bride,” notes Marissa Morgan (Geneva Carr) of her missing coworker.

“True love won’t be denied,” Weatherly’s Dr. Jason Bull responds. Even, he says if Benny and his off-screen newfound love have only known each other for just a month as they jet off to Europe together.

Since the popular CBS series premiered in 2016, Freddy Rodriguez has portrayed a former prosecutor whose talents were valuable of Dr. Jason Bull’s Trial Analysis team

While serving a major role in the series from the start, fans of the CBS legal drama did wonder if Rodrigueze’s time on Bull was coming to an end last season. When, in season five, it was revealed Rodriquez’s character, Benny was asked to run for the District Attorney position.

TAC team member Chunk Palmer was primed to take his place. Chunk is Bull’s go-to man who styles the company’s clients as they head into court to take the stand. Benny Colón even gave his resignation at the end of season five.

However, the character’s plans did not pan out as expected. And Benny returned to the team as season five came to a close. And, it seems, the show’s writers have decided it would be love that pulled Benny away from Dr. Bull’s team…not his own political aspirations.

Is There A Bigger Story To Benny’s Sudden Exit?

According to reports, Benny’s final exit came in a sort of unexpected manner. However, there might be quite a bit more to Rodriguez’s exit from Bull than it seems. Well, more than just Benny’s interesting love story.

When it was announced in May that Bull would be returning for a sixth season, Rodriguez reportedly posted about the news to Instagram.

According to reports, the Insta message read “Thrilled to announce that we will be returning for a Season 6.”

However, not long after the post, news broke that Rodriquez would not be returning to the series with the cast. Since then, the initial Instagram post has disappeared from the actor’s account.

Reports note that the actor’s exit from the series may be tied to allegations brought up last year.

These allegations suggest that showrunners were fostering a “disrespectful work environment” to members of the writing staff.

However, neither the network nor the show-runners have made an official comment along these lines.