‘Bull’: Michael Weatherly’s Character Was Inspired by a Famous TV Personality

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: Courtesy of CBS Entertainment. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

If watching Michael Weatherly play in Bull on CBS reminds you of a rather famous TV personality, then don’t let it rankle you.

See, his character, Dr. Jason Bull, happens to be inspired by Phil McGraw. You may know him better as Dr. Phil from his TV show and appearances with Oprah Winfrey.

We get more details on this from an article by Looper.

Let us briefly turn the clock back to Weatherly playing Special Agent Tony DiNozzo on NCIS. It was there that he really got on the board with a number of fans.

But he left in 2016 and started appearing in Bull that fall.

In this CBS legal drama, Dr. Bull uses his expertise as a psychologist to analyze the motivations and biases of jurors. This helps ensure his clients get a strong defense at trial. Bull started Season 6 in October 2021.

This, though, could be the show’s last season. Ratings have not been too strong for the drama and it might just lead to Weatherly having to leave his show.

‘Bull’ Actress Geneva Carr Is Going To Leave Or Not From TV Show

Let’s now turn our attention to actress Geneva Carr. She plays Marissa Morgan on Bull.

Is it time for her to get along and leave that CBS drama?

We will check on that in an article from Distractify.

No, she’s not leaving. But we also need to look at a bigger picture for the show.

With each decision that Dr. Bull has made, she has been there.

Executive producer Kathryn Price, in an interview with TV Insider, said Geneva’s character will be re-evaluating her role on Bull.

What kind of support will Jason Bull offer Morgan? It is hoped that the good doctor will be right there. Without Morgan’s help, Jason would be up the creek without a paddle.

Carr, talking with Regard Magazine, did say that “Bull measures juries by their emotions and Marissa does it by their stats. She is smart and driven and in every way Dr. Bull’s equal.”

The actress did say that she used herself as a template to create Marissa. Carr says that Morgan is a “smarter me, with a better wardrobe and faster comebacks, but me.”

She said the writers are “always challenging me and tapping into things about myself I didn’t know that anyone knew or noticed, and then, they let me fly.”

The future of Bull might be worth watching because Carr could find herself and other castmates out of work. Will she find another show if the drama ends? Highly likely. We will be staying tuned and watching how this all ends up.