‘Bull’ Star Michael Weatherly Posts Funny Halloween Message in Full Costume

by Megan Molseed

How does a former NCIS officer and Bull’s best trial consultant wish someone a Happy Halloween? In his perfect Count voice, that’s how!

On Sunday night, television star Michael Weatherly channeled his best Count voice while wishing his Twitter fans a happy Halloween.

“The count says happy Halloween,” wrote Michael Weatherly October 31 tweet.

The post includes a brief video of the former NCIS actor. In the clip, Weatherly tells his fans that he hopes they have a happy holiday.

“Happy Halloween,” Michael Weatherly says in the hilarious post.

“I am Count Chocula,” the Bull star continues in his best Count Chocula accent.

In the five-second clip, Weatherly shows off his Count costume which includes a messy hair-do, a loose tie, and a fancy robe.

‘Bull’s’ Michael Weatherly Develops Character’s Unique Look

This hilarious Twitter post certainly gives Weatherly’s fans a glimpse of his funny side, but did you know that costuming isn’t something new to the Bull actor?

In fact, Michael Weatherly is the one who developed the unique style that his character, Dr. Jason Bull sports in the popular CBS courtroom drama series.

The NCIS alum once revealed how he came up with his character’s signature look, including the black glasses he is usually sporting in the show.

“The glasses were inspired by Marcello Mastroianni and Michael Caine in the Harry Palmer films, The Ipcress File and Funeral in Berlin, as well as Colin Firth in A Single Man,” Weatherly explains of Dr. Jason Bull’s unique eyewear.

Weatherly notes that he was inspired to add this aspect to Bull’s look because they are symbolic of the character himself.

For Weatherly, coming up with Jason Bull’s style had a lot to do with deciding who his character is at the core.

Weatherly has said that he wanted Jason Bull to have a wise look, but, notes the actor, there is a predator aspect to the character as well.

“There was something sort of elegant and distanced about them,” the actor explains of the glasses. “And a barrier.”

Weatherly Finds a Look That Reflects His Character’s Persona

Jason Bull is a fighter in the courtroom, often doing whatever he can to make the trial swing in favor of his client in any way that he can.

Even if this means the trial expert has to break a few rules along the way. His goal is to always complete the mission, however, he needs to accomplish this.

“I also loved Gary Oldman in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Alec Guinness,” Michael Weatherly says, explaining some of the inspirations that led to Bull’s signature look.

“That George Smiley character is watchful and he’s a predator, you know,” the actor explains. “It’s owl-like and you think owls are these wise birds who just sit up on a branch.”

For Weatherly, this description fits Bull in a nutshell.

“They are looking to kill something on the ground! That to me was the starting point with Bull, that he’s a predator,” Weatherly says. “He’s alone like an owl on a branch sitting in his little courtroom and he has that physicality.”