‘Bull’ Teases Intense Jury Scene in Thursday Night’s New Episode

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Courtesy of CBS Entertainment. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

This Thursday night is going to be exciting as Dr. Bull and Chunk Palmer deal with an intense jury situation on Bull.

At the Trial Analysis Corporation, their job is to filter through jury candidates. The consulting firm works to make juries see things differently than what they would otherwise. In other words, they deal with a lot of trials and that can lead to sticky situations.

In a new teaser, Bull along with Chunk is in a correctional facility and talking to an inmate. Likely someone whose case they are working on. As usual, Bull has his smart look and demeanor going on. He looks every part of the doctor that he is. Meanwhile, Palmer provides a great backup and side figure. This is clearly an intense situation.

Check out the Instagram post below and see for yourself.

The excitement and drama need to improve. There was word at the end of last year that the Michael Weatherly show might not last much longer. CBS has been doing some looking around and could decide to trim up some fat and test out some new shows and ideas.

However, Bull fans shouldn’t fret too much. There is the rest of this season left and then the network might not even follow through with the decision. The show has been a regular on the network since 2016 and unfortunately, it has been losing viewers rather than gaining or at least maintaining them. According to the numbers, the show has gone down 30 percent in viewership.

With just 4.1 million viewers tuning in each night, there is some thought that it could be time to make the move. Just to be clear, CBS has not hinted one way or another.

Michael Weatherly Relates to ‘Bull’ Character

One of the reasons why millions of folks still tune into the show each week has to do with Michael Weatherly. The actor left NCIS to star in his own show and it has been more or less a success. Despite a loss in viewers in recent times, having a long-running show is never easy.

Weatherly likes his character Jason Bull quite a bit. He can even relate to the character in many ways.

“I can relate to him in the way everyone can,” the actor says. “Which is we all know what it feels like when we know we’re right and it feels so good and it feels so pure and strong.” Then he continued. “You have this righteous like ‘I know I’m right.’ That’s the exact moment you have to be the most suspicious of how you are thinking and feeling. I think everyone can plug into Bull.”