‘Bull’: These Are the Three Biggest Changes in Season Six

by Joe Rutland

CBS has yet another winning show in “Bull,” starring “NCIS” alum Michael Weatherly in the lead role. But changes are afoot in Season Six.

So, Outsiders, we guess that you’d like to know a little about them.

There are three big changes for “Bull” and an article from TV Insider helps in articulating them for you.

First, attorney Benny Colón has left Bull’s Trial Analysis Corporation.  Colón was played by Freddy Rodriguez.

Showrunner Nichole Millard says that “Benny found love in a different country.” The team is happy for him, she says, and Chunk Palmer, played by Christopher Jackson, moves on in as a lead attorney.

Women On ‘Bull’ Are Going To Be Getting More Screen Time This Season

Second, the women on “Bull” will have more screen time this season.

Executive producer Kathryn Price said neurolinguistics expert Marissa Morgan, played by Geneva Carr, is looking at her role. Meanwhile, Taylor Rentzel, played by MacKenzie Meehan, could find her job role as a hacker leading to trouble. Millard says Rentzel also is dealing with some fallout over her ex kissing her and that’ll be in her head. Then we have investigator Danny James, played by Jaime Lee Kirchner, who is drawing up some plays toward romance with a very rich client.

Finally, we’re seeing team members get closer to each other. That also causes problems on “Bull” with them as they face some decisions. “They go up against bigger obstacles than ever before,” Price said. “Are they going to stick together?”

Michael Weatherly is now in his sixth season on the CBS legal drama.

‘NCIS’ Fans Are Waiting For Weatherly To Return But He’s Doing Great

Fans of “NCIS” are waiting for him to return. But he’s doing so well as Dr. Jason Bull. Those fans have trouble seeing him in another role.

Reddit thread has fans sharing their thoughts on Weatherly as Bull.

“Now Michael Weatherly will always be Tony and my eyes but his new character Jason Bull is eerily similar to Gibbs,” one user wrote. They believed that they were watching Tony as Gibbs if he was “entitled and rich.” They added that with all of his rule-breaking and treatment of his family and team, they can forget what show they’re watching.

Yet another Redditor disagreed. This person thought Gibbs’ intensity does not match up with Bull.

The Redditor wrote, “I have watched all the seasons and enjoyed them somewhat, but I feel that the character Bull is too serious for [Michael Weatherly]. He does humor so well and there is not a whole lot of that with the Bull character.”

Another Reddit writer says it took this person two seasons “just to take him seriously in such a no-nonsense role.”