‘Bull’ Wants to Know What Your New Year’s Resolutions Are

by Megan Molseed

It looks like Bull’s Doctor Jason Bull and Isabella “Izzy” Colòn are pretty happy as they head -or “stroll” into the new year. Now the popular CBS television series wants to know, what are your New Year’s resolutions?

On Sunday morning, the Bull CBS Instagram page dropped a photo of the series’s star, Michael Weatherly’s Jason Bull taking a stroll with his sweetheart, Yara Martinez’s Isabella “Izzy” Colôn.

“Strolling into another year,” writes the Bull CBS Instagram page on January 2.

Of course, the only way to make a feel-good New Year’s Insta post such as this even more perfect is a little bit of wordplay. And, they absolutely nailed it!

“can you #Bull-ieve it?”  the Sunday morning Insta post jokes, adding a little winky face emoji.

Then, the New Year Instagram message gets a little serious, asking fans of the popular CBS series to share their resolutions heading into 2022.

“Drop your resolutions below,” the post reads.

Some fans were candid, sharing their resolutions in the comments.

Other fans, however, kept their promises to themselves tight to their chest. Opting instead to send the same well-wishes back to the Instagram page.

“Try to be more positive!” comments one fan in response to the question.

“Accept the things I cannot change,” responds another Bull fan.

“I know it’s a boring resolution,” the commenter continues. “but if I achieve this it will keep me sane.”

Another fan of the popular series doubled down on the word-play theme the original post had so much fun with. This time, using the show’s name in their answer to Bull’s New Year’s resolutions inquiry.

“I Bull-ieve,” joked one commenter.

“and… no resolutions,” the fan continues in the hilarious and “punny” comment. “If I write something it would be bull-s**t.”

‘Bull’ Fans Wish A Happy New Year Right Back

Some other Bull fans skipped over the portion of the resolution request altogether.

Instead, the fans were commenting on the photo and wishing a happy New Year right back.

“Love them as a couple,” writes one fan.

“Happy new Year from France,” says another.

Now, the photo included in the New Years Instagram post is a still from the December 2 Bull episode titled Confidence Man. In this episode, Bull is still facing some pretty heavy legal consequences after he is accused of jury tampering.

As the season six episode begins, fans see that Bull’s legal concerns move from professional implications to implications that the case could affect his personal life. This comes as evidence emerges that his wife, Martinez’s Izzy, may have had a hand in which the trial expert is being accused.

Of course, fans of the series know that this episode ends on a high note as the trial reveals the person who is really guilty of bribing the jury…and it has no connection to Bull’s  Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) team.