Candace Cameron Bure and Costar Talk ‘Fuller House’ Easter Eggs in ‘Christmas Contest’

by Maggie Schneider

Candace Cameron Bure and John Brotherton reveal some fun easter eggs in their new movie, “The Christmas Contest.” Can you spot any?

Candace Cameron Bure stars in a new Hallmark Movie, “The Christmas Contest.” It is a festive film about two exes competing against each other in a charity bake-off. Yes, this is a typical Hallmark Christmas plot. What is not so typical is the cast’s history.

John Brotherton costars in the film with Bure. Fans know that this is not the first time the two actors have worked together. On Netflix’s “Fuller House,” Brotherton plays Matt Harmon, DJ Tanner’s love interest. The stars consider this movie a reunion, giving fans an alternate ending to what they saw on “Fuller House.” At the end of its final season, Harmon proposes to Tanner. DJ Tanner flees to Japan after this big moment. The show ends with the exes marrying other people. “The Christmas Contest,” however, gives fans hope that their new roles will get together.

“Fuller House” Easter Eggs

Being in a new project together does not stop the actors from paying homage to “Fuller House.” In a fun Instagram video, Bure and Brotherton share some easter eggs that are in their new movie.

In the video, the pair asks fans if they can catch all of the film’s easter eggs. Brotherton hints at the last line of the movie being a hint to “Fuller House.” He also brings up the movie’s poker scene. The winning hand is a full house.

Then, Bure asks her follows if they noticed anything about the Christmas tree. After further investigation, fans discover that their pictures together are from real-life moments. One is an image from when they won the People’s Choice Award. Another ornament image is from Harmon’s first day back on the “Fuller House” set for Season 5. There is even an image of the pair standing by the iconic red door.

“Okay this is the best easter egg of all,” Bure begins. “It’s got the red door. It’s always open.”

“Season 2 premiere at the actual red door in San Francisco,” Brotherton adds.

Fans in the comments are excited that their two favorite “Fuller House” stars get together at the end of “The Christmas Contest. They are also hopeful for a “Fuller House” spinoff.

“I’m so glad Matt and DJ finally ended up together,” @albeck09 writes.

I loved Fuller House. I love all the actors in it. The show ended WAY too soon. I wish it could come back or have a spin off!!” kteman01 adds.

Whether we see Brotherton and Bure again in their “Fuller House” roles, we can watch them fall in love in “The Christmas Contest.”