Candace Cameron Bure and Family Pose for Sweet Pic on ‘Stunning Hike’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)

Candace Cameron Bure is staying busy. Many folks may know her from her time starring on Fuller House on Netflix, or, perhaps more recently, her multiple starring roles in various Hallmark channel movies. Her roles in those Hallmark Christmas movies have become synonymous with the season. However, she is not always acting, though, as Candace Cameron Bure snapped a sweet pic with her family on a stunning hike.

Cameron Bure posted the family picture to her personal Instagram where she wrote for the caption, “Finally back in Cali with my man, son Lev and friends @mycrochet @kcmcsloan @rogersloan87 ! Stunning hike on this beautiful rainy day.”

Folks loved the picture of the family together. One fan wrote, “Great pic and love the hats!!!”

Another fan wrote, “Makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.”

Candace Cameron Bure on Hallmark

Cameron Bure has starred in close to 20 different movies on the channel now, but it does not appear she plans to be slowing down anytime soon. She has gotten the best of both worlds. She stars in two different universes. By bringing back the Full House cast on Netflix, along with working with the folks at Hallmark for a variety of movie roles over the years. Both work for Cameron Bure.

She told the Washington Post, “Oh, I absolutely love it. I’ve had a long-standing relationship with Hallmark Channel for 12 years. Being intentional with my career and my choices, their branding has always lined up with what I want to represent and with the type of programming that I do, which is all family-friendly entertainment. And so I love that.”

It’s a fit for both parties involved. It works. So Cameron Bure makes it clear that the two are aligned all across the board, and with that being the case the two figure to continue working with each another going forward. Cameron Bure is careful about her career choices, and this position continues to make sense for her.

Changes for Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure continued, “I have fans who are 6 years old who recognize me as D.J. Tanner, whether it’s from the original show or the new show on Netflix. And then I have 60-year-old fans that love me on Hallmark Channel. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I love being associated with Christmas — it’s my favorite holiday of the year.” How cool is that, Outsiders? Life is funny like that. Cameron Bure now has fans who never even saw her play the role of D.J. Tanner and know her simply from the Christmas movies. However, the same is true when the positions are flipped. It’s different.

She concluded, “It meant everything. It was such a gift in my life to be able to reprise the show and do a whole new show based on the same characters. They will always be beloved in my life. … It really was an amazing gift.” So it is clear that Full House was quite important to Cameron Bure. The show ended in 2020 on Netflix. You can watch Cameron Bure on the Hallmark Channel.