Candace Cameron Bure Fires Back at Critics Blasting Her Family’s Wedding Pics

by Samantha Whidden

On Saturday (October 30th) Candace Cameron Bure took to Instagram to share some snapshots of her and her family attending a wedding. Although the pictures are absolutely gorgeous, some critics had some thoughts about the family’s style choices.

According to PageSix, Candace Cameron Bure fired back at the critics in the post’s comment section. “Supposed to avoid red at weddings it’s a power color steals spotlight from the bride,” one Instagram user explained. The Full House alum went on to state there are “different style rules” in Los Angeles. She also added a winking emoji in her response. 

Along with the red dress criticism, some Instagram users also noticed that Candace Cameron Bure’s husband and son were not wearing socks with their suits.

“The no sock look is a no for me,” an Instagram user declared. Cameron Bure went on to fire back with a sarcastic “thanks for letting us know!” response. Another user went on to note that the without socks look is “very unattractive.” The actress shot back with, “Comments like this are unattractive. People enjoy style in different. It’s not always necessary to share your opinion.”

As the criticism continued, Candace Cameron Bure warned to not “poke mama bear” and told her critics they “still need to learn manners.” She then wrote, “Don’t like? Scroll through. Some of you ruin the fun of sharing on social media for everyone.”

Is Wearing Red a ‘No-No’ For Weddings?

So, is Candace Cameron in the wrong here? Is red a no-no for weddings? According to WeddingKnowHow, there’s actually nothing wrong with wearing red to a wedding in the Western World. According to the website, red is described as a “stylish, sexy color” that can compliment most skin tones. The color also doesn’t require a lot of accessories for it to stand out. 

Unfortunately for Candace Cameron Bure, that’s the problem with the color red – it does stand out. It’s a pretty strong color so wedding guests will easily stand out from the crowd. Especially when you’re wearing red while others are going with neutral shades. 

This is why the color red is usually frowned upon and considered “rude” to wear to weddings. The website noted that a red dress could draw attention away from the bride and upstage her. Even if the wedding guest had no intention of stealing attention. 

Although wedding guests may avoid wearing a red dress altogether, WeddingKnowHow states that guests can always incorporate some red accessories to the overall look. This includes a red pair of shoes, a red clutch or a red sash to complement a dress. This will give the guest a unique look without going completely overboard.