Candace Cameron Bure Hangs Around In Scenic Woods Swing Photo

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Winter weather has been striking various areas across the United States lately, though wherever “Fuller House” alum Candace Cameron Bure is, it’s apparently nice enough to be hanging around on her wooden, rope swing.

Sporting a bright red sweater, matching hat, and gloves, the television star dons a bright smile and even brighter lipstick. Altogether, the bright image reminds Outsiders across the country that ice and snow aren’t all-encompassing. In fact, we might even recall there are grass and greenery beneath the frozen landscape. Check it out.

Always dressed to impress, Bure is joined by her daughter in her second photo. The colors of their attire contrast starkly with the woodsy background scenery.

“Swipe to add a daughter,” Candace Cameron Bure writes at the beginning of her post. Although, side by side, it appears as though the two women could be sisters. Followers took to the television star’s comments to praise her beauty and affirm their sisterly appearance.

“More like twins!” writes one follower. “Beautiful!”

Others shared similar compliments, with a few fans admiring the women’s wintry attire. “Wintry beauty!” commented one of Bure’s followers, while former costar Bob Saget commented, “These clothes are awesomeness.” How very Danny Tanner of him.

In order to learn more about Candace Cameron Bure’s cheerfully wintery attire and how to snag your own styles, she encourages followers to visit her Instagram bio.

Candace Cameron Bure Returns After Social Media Hiatus

The holidays come only once a year and, just like her “Full House” and “Fuller House” characters, family serves as an important value to the television star. Now as a mom herself, it makes sense Cameron Candace Bure took on a voluntary social media hiatus during the festive celebrations.

However, now she’s back and with that, we can look forward to a variety of new posts from the beloved television star. Bure announced her return to Instagram on social media a week ago and already, she’s been a busy woman.

In addressing her fans, the “Fuller House” alum admitted that while the media silence was definitely a rare treat, being back on her platforms enables the star to better connect with fans and keep followers updated to her latest goings-on.

Overall, she stated, “the truth is, when I do connect with you guys, I love it.” And with that, who wouldn’t look forward to the star’s return to Instagram?

Fans took to the comments to welcome the actress back, many with friendly, affectionate words.

“Happy New Year!! Watching you right now on hallmark. ur holiday movies are the best!!!” wrote one of the star’s followers.

Another shared, “couldn’t be happier that you are back queen!!”

With that, while a social media cleanse is always a positive move, it seems Candance Cameron Bure was deeply missed over the holidays.