Candace Cameron Bure Thinks She Made ‘Worst Pitch Ever’ for Costar on ‘The Christmas Contest’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images)

Candace Cameron Bure was surprised she convinced John Brotherton to join The Christmas Contest after giving him the “worst pitch ever.”

When Candace Cameron Bure was looking to cast her love interest in Hallmark’s The Christmas Contest, she knew her Fuller House co-star John Brotherton was the perfect fit.

Candace actually had a hand in developing the Countdown to Christmas special. And while the writers were creating the character of Ben, she had John on the brain.

“He was the person in my mind the whole time,” she admitted in an Instagram video. “… I was like ‘this has to be John. It has to be John.'”

So when it came time to invite John to star in the movie, Candace Cameron Bure personally called him up. And she thought she gave him “the worst pitch ever.”

“When I was trying to describe the movie and the script, I was like ‘I’m not good at pitching,'”

But John Brotherton respectfully disagreed with his co-star’s humble opinion. He thought she did a “great” job convincing him to join the cast.

“What I loved, is that you said, ‘this is not your typical Hallmark movie. This is a Rom-Com,'” he told her in the video.

Since Brotherton and Bure played a couple on Fuller House, the two already knew they would have a lot of fun working together again. And since they play exes, they “could just tap into the history” that they have.

John thought their history was a good foundation for the Hallmark flick because, in the movie, the two play exes who compete in a contest to win money for the charity of their choosing.

We’re sure the actors did a wonderful job. But you can decide for yourself because The Christmas Contest dropped tonight (November 28th) at 8/7c. If you missed the debut, you can stream it later tonight.

Candace Cameron Bure Reenacts a Classic Movie Scene Ahead of Hallmark Movie Season

Ahead of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas premiere, Candace Cameron Bure went into full Holiday mode with an adorable promo video.

On Instagram, the Full House star reenacted a classic scene from Charlie Brown Christmas.

“Flip the switch! Countdown to Christmas officially begins tonight on @hallmarkchannel,” she captioned.
“Get ready for 24/7 holiday movies with all new movies on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 8 pm!!”

In an absolutely magical clip, Candace stands in front of a sad Christmas tree and lips Linus’s infamous words “I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe, it just needs a little love.”

Then Candace “flips the switch,” to reveal a stunning Christmas wonderland.

Catch Countdown to Christmas all November and December on the Hallmark Channel, with brand new festive filming running through December 19th.