Candace Cameron Bure Pens Message on Veterans Day: Saying Thank You ‘Never Feels Like Enough’

by Chase Thomas

Star of Fuller House Candace Cameron Bure is back on Instagram and for good reason.

Candace Cameron Bure took to Instagram Thursday to spotlight Veterans Day in America by writing the following, “Saying thank you to our Veterans never feels like enough, but I am so grateful for their service to protect and serve our great country 🇺🇸. We don’t know them all, but we owe them all. #veteransday”.

It was a heartfelt message that also included a picture that read “Grateful for our Veterans”, which was another kind gesture from the longtime Hollywood star. It’s the little things this that are really cool from an actor of Bure’s stature taking the time to honor those who selflessly serve and protect the United States of America each and every day

Candace Cameron Bure and Fuller House

The former star of Full House reprised her role as DJ Tanner on the reboot of the original hit sitcom. The show was set in the present day. All of the former stars, outside of the Olson twins, were back together again. The show came to a close in the summer of 2020 on Netflix.

At the time, Bure spoke with Good Housekeeping about the role and the show that meant so much to her finally coming to a close.

She said, “I don’t think the reality has hit yet. And I don’t think it will until probably the summertime that we’re not coming back.” You can discern that it was a lot to wrap up the show. Remember she has a relationship with her costars that spans almost three decades. She grew up on the program around those figures like Bob Saget and John Stamos.

Bure continued, “I’m definitely more at ease now than I was when we finished filming. But it was rough at the end.”

A Positive Message from Candace Cameron Bure

For a lot of kids in the ’90s, Bure was a central figure in their lives and someone that kids looked up to as they grew up. As Bure grew up, so did they.

Bure knows this is part of the deal of playing such a pivotal character on Full House saying, “If I am forever known as D.J. Tanner and everyone’s big sister, I will be thrilled and happy.” She’s clearly content with her place in life. Especially in regards to the show and her career and is good with that.

Bure concludes that “Full House and Fuller House have brought so much joy, comfort, and love to so many people. There’s nothing more I want to be associated with than wonderful and positive things. I embrace the show as an adult just as I embraced it back when I was 10 years old.”

What a wonderful message and understanding of the show. It shows what it meant to her, the cast and all those watching at home.