Candy Palmater, ‘Trailer Park Boys’ Star, Dies at 53

by Clayton Edwards

Candy Palmater was a Canadian comedian, actress, and writer. American audiences will remember her from Trailer Park Boys. Additionally, Palmater hosted appeared on Because News, wrote and hosted her own show, and more. Sadly, she passed away on Christmas Day in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Candy Palmater’s wife, Denise, announced her passing in an Instagram post. Denise used her wife’s official account to share an image that read “A great glowing spirit left our world today,” along with the actress’ birth and death dates. In the post, Denise announced that Candy had “passed away today at home suddenly.” Then, she assured Candy’s followers that she would post details in the future. As of this morning, she hasn’t shared any more information on the account.

Candy Palmater Was in the Hospital in Early December

We do, however, know that Candy Palmater was ill before her passing. Previous posts on her Instagram show that she was hospitalized earlier this month. On December 14, Palmater revealed that she had been in the hospital for two weeks and wasn’t out of the woods yet. Additionally, she praised the staff at the hospital who not only treated her condition but also tried to keep her spirits up.

In that post, Candy Palmater revealed that she received a diagnosis of Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis also called EGPA. The disease used to be called Churg-Strauss Syndrome. The disease caused swelling in blood or tissue cells in the body. It is a rare and hard-to-diagnose disease because it affects nearly every organ in the body.

Palmater on Trailer Park Boys

Candy Palmater entered Trailer Park Boys in season 10. Barb and Donald brought her to the trailer park after the three shared a bond in prison. However, she only likes Donald’s alter, Donna. In the series, Candy is a tough-as-nails antagonist who hates men and carries a pink baseball bat.  

Over the course of her one-season run on Trailer Park Boys, Candy Palmater portrayed the kind of villain that fans loved to hate. She and the other ladies in her “gang” made life hard for everybody else in Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

Fans might have hated the character, but fellow Trailer Park Boys actors enjoyed her company. In a tweet, Sarah Dunsworth, who played Sarah in several seasons of the show praised Candy Palmater. Saying that she loved her in the show.

According to Coast Reporter, Candy Palmater was a member of the Eel River Bar First Nation, a band of the Mi’kmaq Tribe. She was proud of her indigenous heritage and hoped that she could be a role model for other entertainers of First Nations descent.

Candy’s Wife Denise told the publication that her wife, “Died comfortably in her bed, reading her book, doing what she loved.”