Carol Burnett Celebrating Betty White’s 100th Birthday With a Marathon of Her Funniest Moments

by Allison Hambrick

Comedy icon Carol Burnett pays tribute to the late Betty White with a celebration of the star’s funniest moments in honor of her 100th birthday.

“Join us in celebrating the 100th birthday of our dear friend, Betty White,” tweeted Burnett. “Over the years, Betty made so many wonderful appearances on The Carol Burnett Show. Tune in Jan 17th for a marathon of her most hilarious moments!”

Burnett shared a link to Shout TV, which regularly streams The Carol Burnett Show. The programming block will shift focus to the numerous appearances by Betty White on Jan. 17. White guest-starred on The Carol Burnett Show three times, which spawned a close relationship between her and Burnett.

The Decades-Long Friendship of Betty White and Carol Burnett

According to Burnett, White was one of the best guest stars she ever had. Her wit was impossible to match. No matter what bit she was tasked with, White nailed it.

“She’d come on my show, and if there was a tinge of risqué humor in one of our sketches, she’d roll with it and make it even funnier and add a little wink to show that she was thinking of something sexy,” Burnett told People prior to White’s death. “She’s not a stand-up. She’s not a jokester. It’s the way she can twist a line to get a laugh.”

From Mama’s Family to Hot in Cleveland, the friends appeared side by side many times. White had this to say of Burnett: “Carol’s comedic style is — there’s such a sense of fun in there. You get the feeling that she’s enjoying it maybe just as much, if not more, than you are. And that’s saying something.”

However, the bond between the two comedians is deeper offscreen. White supported Burnett after the loss of her daughter to cancer in 2002. While she remained her chipper self, White could tell Burnett had changed.

“You were seeing a different Carol,” The Golden Girls star said. “Then, through her later life with the problems she had. The pain — you felt the pain because you loved her. Writing this show with her daughter and then losing her daughter so close.”

According to White, these circumstances solidified an already strong bond. The more of life you live beside someone else, the closer you can become.

“Once in a while, Carol and I had lunch together,” White explained. “Once again, it’s what you don’t say that means more than what you do say. … When you see each other, you just hold a little tighter and try to be business as usual.”

Ultimately, they were so close that Burnett was the one to learn White’s final word: “Allen,” the name of White’s late husband.