Carrie Underwood Celebrates ‘My Gift’ Album Going Gold: ‘An Early Christmas Gift’

by Jonathan Howard

It looks like Carrie Underwood got an early stocking stuffer. Her 2020 Christmas album, My Gift, has gone gold just over a year after the release.

This year has been very good for Underwood. The country music superstar has been all over the place. Back to playing shows, going to awards ceremonies, and doing all the things that artists do, Underwood has made the most of her time. Amid her Las Vegas residency, she got a great gift.

Now, as the year ends and we get ready for Christmas, there is more. Carrie Underwood unwrapped her latest gold plaque for an early Christmas present. Check that out below.

Underwood’s Christmas album has now sold over 500,000 units and is surely playing in many rotations this year as well. She captioned the photo and video with a thankful message.

“I got to unwrap an early Christmas gift…a GOLD plaque for My Gift! I am so happy and thankful that you guys love this album, and I hope it’s something you can enjoy every Christmas for years to come! #FavoriteTimeOfYear.”

She also shared a message in the video she posted.

“Thank you everybody for making this happen!” Underwood said in the video. “I am so proud of My Gift. And this is my gift, but you guys made it happen so thank you fans so much. And all the people who worked on it, and my UMG family, and just everybody that put the Christmas spirit into this album. Which I love so much.”

Carrie Underwood was also just on The Voice, adding to her busy schedule. She performed alongside John Legend.

Carrie Underwood Performs with Legend on Shelton Cover

We got excited when we saw that Underwood was set to perform on The Voice with Legend. The two absolutely killed it back in the day with their song Hallelujah. So, the two know how to perform with one another, and it’s just too good.

They sat down at the Yamaha keyboard, and Legend tapped away at the keys while the two sang Austin. The 2001 hit song catapulted Blake Shelton to stardom and is still one of his greatest hits. Back when he was a young guy in the country music game, his hair flowed like the lyrics his sultry voice sang.

The performance was absolutely legendary, pun intended. Carrie Underwood and John Legend are a match made in music heaven. More of whatever they got going on, please. Also, how about we get Legend on some more country music songs? He has the range to do it and should be utilized more, in my opinion. Nashville, give my man a call!