Carrie Underwood Covers Blake Shelton’s ‘Austin’ With John Legend: VIDEO

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by KMazur/WireImage for Sony BMG Music Entertainment)

Carrie Underwood and John Legend performed an iconic song from “The Voice” coach before the season finale.

Last night and tonight are the season 21 finale episodes of “The Voice.” While fans are sad that the competition is coming to an end (for now), they are excited for tonight’s special performances.

Chart-topping artists like Walker Hayes and Ed Sheeran will be gracing the stage. Carrie Underwood and “The Voice” judge John Legend are also teaming up to sing their Christmas song, “Hallelujah.” In Legend’s tweet, it looks like the friends are having more of a jam session than a rehearsal.

In the video, Underwood and Legend cover “Austin” by Blake Shelton. The duo covers the song for Legend’s show “Trailer Talk.” Legend and his friends chat and sing in his trailer on “The Voice” set. Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, and John Holiday are just some guests who have been on the show. The more musical the guest, the better.

A clip of Carrie Underwood and John Legend’s cover starts off the show. Their voices pair so well together. As a singer myself, I have always loved Underwood’s use of vibrato. Both singers know how to pay homage to Shelton’s work without overdoing it. John Legend’s piano work is also beautiful.

The episode moves into a special conversation between the two friends. Legend and Underwood talk about their duet together, their Las Vegas residencies, and what they have learned throughout their careers. I enjoy watching the 11-minute “Trailer Talk.” It does not feel like a stuffy interview. It feels like two friends catching up on lost time.

We can’t wait to see their performance of “Hallelujah” tonight on “The Voice.”

“Austin” by Blake Shelton

This track is an important milestone of Blake Shelton’s career. It was the singer’s first #1 hit! Written by David Kent and Kirsti Manna, the song was Shelton’s debut as an artist. 20 years have passed, and the track brings him back to his roots.

“Man – 20 years may have passed, but sometimes I still feel like the kid from Oklahoma I was back then!” he says to PEOPLE. “The kid who came to Nashville just wanting to sing country music.”

Back in July, Shelton partnered with Amazon to rerecord “Austin.” His “revisited” version of the track is streaming exclusively on Amazon Music. It was nice to celebrate the song’s 20th anniversary this way.

“I couldn’t be prouder to celebrate the anniversary of my debut album. ‘Austin’ is the first song we ever released from the album, and it is still a cornerstone of my live shows. I’m excited to share a new version of one of the most important songs of my career with an Amazon Original.”