Carrie Underwood Makes Surprise Cameo Appearance in Popular Netflix Show

by Madison Miller

Carrie Underwood recently popped up in a pretty unexpected place — the fourth season of Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” series.

Viewers streaming the series were stunned to see the country music icon making a cameo appearance in a show about karate. She appeared in episode nine and performed during the All Valley Karate Tournament. During the episode, the committee talked about hoping to land a big celebrity for the event.

Carrie Underwood ‘Cobra Kai’ Cameo

Seeing as Carrie Underwood pops up, they definitely did that. If you were expecting her to sing one of her powerhouse songs like “Jesus, Take the Wheel” or “Before He Cheats,” you’d be wrong. The country music icon switched genres and took on the absolutely legendary song “The Moment Of Truth,” by Survivor.

During the competition, Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) and Tory (Peyton List) won the boy’s side and first-ever girl competition, respectively.

If you were not aware, turns out Underwood is quite the fan of “Cobra Kai.” This is likely why she agreed to do the cameo in the first place. “Just started watching [kobra Kai] on Netflix. Ummmm…it’s kinda awesome! [snake emoji][thumbs up emoji],” she wrote on Twitter last year.

Although she misspelled part of the title of the show, she assured fans she is in fact a fan. It’s fair to say, Netflix viewers were pretty pleased by her cameo appearance. One person on Twitter went as far as saying, “Did I just watch like 5 minutes of [Cobra Kai] because [Carrie Underwood] is in the episode??? Maybe.”

While some went out of their way to watch Carrie Underwood, others were a bit confused regarding the entire situation.

One person made the interesting comment, “I do not understand why Carrie Underwood shows up in this season of Cobra Kai but I do know I admire her quads.”

During an interview with Decider, one of the “Cobra Kai” creators, Hayden Schlossberg, discussed what it was like to work with Underwood. “We reached out personally to her through mutual connections and she couldn’t have been more excited and more gracious and more willing to get on her tour bus and come down and spend a day with us. It was just a love affair on both sides. She was excited to be working with us; we were excited to be working with her. She worked with our composers in terms of the arrangement and the recording and the mix, and it could not have gone smoother,” he said.

The song is a more up-tempo version of “Moment Of Truth,” meant to bode better as a live performance. Fans seemed to like it, seeing as several asked where they could download the song.