Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Childhood vs. Current Christmas Traditions

by Jacklyn Krol
Denise Truscello, Getty Images

Almost all of Carrie Underwood‘s childhood Christmas traditions she still partakes in, except for one.

If you couldn’t tell from her holiday music and Christmas events, the American Idol alum is a huge fan of the holiday season.

“For me growing up, Christmas was always just comforting,” she told Universal Music Group. “We always had the same stockings and the same tree and the same decorations, and we would always decorate the weekend right after Thanksgiving. You know, flip the Christmas switch, put the tree up. “

Growing up, she and her family would go to her grandparents’ house. They would then make paper bags of fruit and sing Christmas carols at a nursing home. Now that Carrie Underwood has her own family, she incorporated most of her parents’ traditions into the holiday. However, there is one that she has switched up.

“We were an artificial tree family growing up. It was easier, you know, but now in our own home, we do the real tree thing,” she shared. “And we kind of try to make that a little bit of a tradition.”

Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher and their two sons go to a Christmas tree farm and select a tree together. Isaiah selected last year’s tree.

“The boys have some say in which one we get, and they feel some ownership and we all decorate it together. And of course, have Christmas music playing in the house.”

After decorating their home, Underwood makes cookies from her husband’s grandmother’s recipe.

“Isaiah loves makes Gigi’s cookies, because he still remembers her a little bit. So, it’s something special we get to do,” she added.

Carrie Underwood’s Current Christmas Traditions

Typically, Carrie Underwood and her family travel during the holiday season to visit their families. On the actual holiday, she’ll spend all day cooking. She will even make a turkey for her family despite not eating turkey herself. Instead, she’ll make some tofurkey with cranberry sauce. Her dinner isn’t complete without her favorite sweet potato casserole. She loves it because it is counted as a side dish and dessert.

“I’ll just make a ridiculous amount of food,” she said. “Just celebrate, have a fire, we wait for Santa and open our presents, then we’re off to see the next group of family. It’s all about watching it through my sons’ eyes and just getting to spend time with family.”

One of her newest traditions is getting matching PJs for the entire family to dress up in.

“Either we get them or somebody else gifts them to us,” she shared. “And we all match – my husband, myself, my sons and our dogs. And getting my German Shepherd into a Christmas sweater is no easy feat, I will tell you that.”