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Carrie Underwood Poses for Hilarious Photo with Cast of ‘Cobra Kai’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Resorts World Las Vegas)

Country music fans know that Carrie Underwood is always sharing what she is up to over on her Instagram.

While Underwood is noted for her singing and songwriting, she has many other interests. She isn’t always performing on stage. And, when she has some downtime, she likes to sit back, relax, and check out one of her favorite shows.

For those that don’t know, Carrie Underwood is a massive fan of Cobra Kai. The show is a nostalgia-driven update on the Karate Kid story. Not only is she a big fan, but she has made an appearance in the show before. The other day, she dropped by to hang out with some of the cast.

Perhaps she will be in another episode. But, while she was with the cast, they decided to take a picture. This one is a real tongue twister, so check it out below and see if you understand what’s going on in the photo.

Underwood reposted Xolo Mariduena’s post. Apparently, the cast had the idea for the unique setup. The country singer said, “The most original photo request goes to…” meaning Xolo and the rest of the crew.

The original caption for the picture that features Underwood being carried under a piece of 2×4 explains everything. “The boys carrying wood while carrying Carrie Underwood under wood. (Thank you [Carrie Underwood] for entertaining this terrible proposition.) Happy New Year.”

Now, that is a funny caption. It looks like everyone involved had a great time. And, how great is it that Underwood posed for the picture with the cast? It must help that they are part of one of the singer’s favorite shows.

Carrie Underwood ‘Cobra Kai’ Cameo

At this point, the cast and Carrie Underwood are going to be close friends. The singer went from fan to guest star, and it’s awesome. All she really did was tweet about the show last year, and then a season later she’s appearing in episode 9 of the latest release.

Jon Hurwitz, one of the co-creators of the show talked about the addition of Underwood. She performed at the All Valley Karate Tournament in the show.

“It was one of those things where we had seen after the show was on Netflix, you started to see more and more Twitter activity from celebrity fans,” Hurwitz says. “And she’s somebody who we were all excited to see, loved the show, she and her family watched it.”

Now, the rest appears to be history. However, I have a feeling Carrie Underwood and Cobra Kai aren’t done working together. With how big of a fan she is, and all of the chemistry she appears to have with the cast, there could be more moments she pops in on the show.