CBS Honors Betty White with Footage of Her Iconic Moments on the Network

by Megan Molseed

Betty White would have turned one hundred years old today. The world certainly lost a favorite actress, comedian, trailblazer, and humanitarian, when White passed away on December 31, 2021. And today’s tributes show, without a doubt, what the star meant to so many during her long and prolific career.

Among these many tributes is a moving collection from CBS highlighting some of our favorite television moments featuring the iconic Golden Girl over the years.

“100 years ago today, #BettyWhite was born,” writes the CBS Instagram page in honor of the comedy legends special day.

“While she’s sadly no longer with us, we’ll always be thankful for the incredible performances she blessed CBS with over her impressive career,” the network continues in the touching Monday afternoon post.

As anyone who has followed the actress’s career – if even for a little while – can tell, the collection of Betty White moments CBS chooses to highlight in the Monday Insta tribute perfectly encapsulates what we all love about Betty White.

Remembering Betty White’s Amazing Roles

The throwback collection of clips features a variety of our favorite Betty White moments. Including some from her days starring as Sue Ann Nivens on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. The moving tribute to White begins with a scene in the popular show where White’s Sue Ann Nivens declares to Mary Tyler Moore’s Mary Richards that she wants a job where she doesn’t have to smile.

“I don’t like smiling all the time,” Nivens says with a big grin on her face. “It’s against my nature.”

Of course, Mary Richards points out to Nivens that she is smiling at that very moment. The comedy then truly sets in as Sue Ann tries desperately to stop smiling. Something that cannot be done, despite her best efforts.

The touching Instagram tribute continues on to share clips from White as she performs in The Betty White Show; and even highlights a moment from the actress’s turn as Stephanie Forrester’s mother, Ann Douglas, on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The tribute reminds us that even in her later days, the actress knew just how to make us all laugh; taking us back to the moment White made a prank call to James Corden on The Late Late Show With James Corden. In the hilarious outtake, White complains about the color of her dressing room. She also requests M&M’s – but only the yellow ones.

Did They Have To Make Us Cry?

Of course, the clip couldn’t come to a close without a moment that tugs at our heartstrings as we remember White on her special day. The Insta tribute ends with a clip from the Golden Girls spin-off, Golden Palace as Betty White’s Rose Nylund is giddy about a Golden Girls reunion when Bea Arthur guest-stars in a series episode.

“Isn’t this wonderful,” White declares as Rose Nylund, clasping her hands together with joy.

“We’re all back together again,” she continues as the Golden Girls stars embrace each other in an emotional group hug.