‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Maggie Sajak’s Post-Game Interview With Beloved Comedian

by Leanne Stahulak

“Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” social coordinator Maggie Sajak took fans behind-the-scenes with last week’s stars. She spoke with comedian Loni Love and actor Mario Cantone about what they’ve been up to in their careers.

The official “Wheel of Fortune” Twitter account posted a video of Sajak talking to contestants for her “Celebrity Spin” segment. She started off by asking Love about getting back in front of live crowds now that the pandemic has started dying down.

“I think it’s important for us to come and do shows and do things because people still need entertainment,” Love explained. “It’s been a dark moment for a lot of people. It was a rough year. So as an entertainer, we’re supposed to do our job, and that’s what I’m doing.”

Love also told the “Wheel of Fortune” social coordinator about her decade-long radio show.

“Cafe Mocha is a weekend radio show dedicated to women. We play cool music, and we talk about the latest and current things that are happening,” the comedian said. “And I’ve bene doing it for over ten years. We’ve won Gracie Awards. I’m just happy to promote it and happy to be on this show.”

Maggie Sajak also took the time to talk with Cantone about the new “Sex and the City” reboot.

“I was very fortunate and lucky to be part of [the show],” Cantone revealed. “Cause I only did 12 episodes. But I ended up doing the two movies, so it solidified me nicely. And at the end, I’m glad that they’re asking me back because then you get some old age money, it works out really well.”

Sajak also took to her own Twitter account to promote the interviews with celebrities.

“So much fun chatting with these incredibly talented, kind, and hilarious celebs after this week’s episode of @[email protected]@macantone#CelebrityWheelOfFortune,” she captioned the post.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Social Coordinator Maggie Sajak Puts Hilarious ‘Spin’ on Halloween

Yesterday, “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” pulled out all the stops for a Halloween-themed episode. Before the premiere, they posted several promotions to their official Twitter account inviting people to tune in to the show.

Social coordinator Maggie Sajak reposted one such announcement with a hilarious “spin” on this “Wheel of Fortune” Halloween.

“Let’s go!!!! Time for Hallowheel!” Sajak captioned her post earlier.

It’s the perfect pun. We’ve got to give Sajak credit for the perfect timing of her post and reference to the holiday. Several other brands have tried to change their names to fit in with the holiday, such as “Huluween” and “Peacocktober.” But for some reason, this one just really lands well compared to the rest of them.

We’ll see what other social media tricks Sajak has in store for the coming episodes.