‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Dedicates Spin to Vanna White, Lands on Million-Dollar Wedge

by Chris Haney

During tonight’s Celebrity Wheel of Fortune episode, one famous contestant dedicates his spin to hostess Vanna White before landing on the million-dollar wedge.

Earlier this year, the popular game show brought in celebrity contestants for the first time ever. Following the success of the celebrity version of the show, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune has returned for a second season on Sunday nights in primetime. The weekly series has already been a hit, and tonight’s episode looks to be a good one.

As always, there’s a fresh batch of celebrity contestants this week. Full House star Jodie Sweetin and My Big Fat Greek Wedding actress Nia Vardalos are competing on the game show. Additionally, Best In Show actor John Michael Higgins who is also a game show host on America Says is a contestant tonight.

Vardalos took a commanding lead early on earning herself $7,400. Sweetin trailed with $3,000, and Higgins had yet to get on the board. However, Higgins may have gotten himself back in the game with one huge spin, and a little help from Vanna White.

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Host and Contestant Share Amusing Exchange

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak presented the three contestants’ next category, which was “80’s Song Lyrics.” As Sajak announced, it was Higgins turn to take over the wheel.

“All right. This one’s for you, Vanna,” Higgins said before adding with a laugh, “You’re so far away.”

“I’m not far away!” White joked as she reached her arms out towards Higgins from afar.

“Spin the wheel!” Sajak amusingly said trying to keep the game on track.

Higgins spins the famous Wheel of Fortune prop and it just barely ticks past the $650 wedge into the million-dollar wedge. The actor pumps his fist in the air as Sajak says, “Now you need to find a letter that’s in the puzzle.”

“Oh, that old trick. Yeah, yeah,” Higgins hilariously responded. “Let’s see… how about a ‘T’?”

Sadly, that’s where the game show’s promo clip ends. So we’ll have to tune in later tonight at 8/7c to find out if Michael Higgins is able to earn one million dollars for charity.

“Every spin is better when you’re doing it for @officialvannawhite! Watch the wheel tonight at 8/7c and Stream on Hulu!” Celebrity Wheel of Fortune captioned their post.

Pat Sajak Explains Why It Took So Long to Create Celebrity Version of Show

For those wondering why Wheel of Fortune waited four decades before inviting celebrities to compete on the game show, we’ve got you covered. It took years for the series to decide it was an appropriate time to include the famous guests. Earlier this year, host Pat Sajak spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the decision.

“Part of it is, we’ve always been careful about not getting the show overexposed,” Sajak said to Entertainment Weekly. “We’ve been on a very long time, and I don’t know how much Wheel is too much. But you don’t want to water the product down too much. And this seemed like the time to do it because of what’s going on in the world.”