‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Loved Pat Sajak’s Back-and-Forth With Anthony Anderson

by Jonathan Howard

When fans see their favorites on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune they hope to see them relax a little. Anthony Anderson sure did last night.

Sometimes there are celebrities on Wheel that just don’t come off the screen. Now, there’s nothing wrong with not doing an entire act while playing a game for charity. However, Anderson decided to let loose and just have his personality come out throughout the game.

He started to quip and remark over every little thing. Honestly, I’m surprised more people don’t have outbursts like the black-ish star. Anderson was playing with Marcia Cross and NBA player Karl-Anthony Towns. He went on to not just entertain, but win the game over his competitors.

Check out this fan reaction after Anderson botched the puzzle solve, “HAVING A MELTDOWN ON LIVE TELEVISION.” Of course, the comedian couldn’t help himself and started to… well have a meltdown on TV.

Now, Pat Sajak isn’t going to let someone just take his show over. The longtime host can throw it out and knows how to join in on the fun. Anderson was so enthusiastic on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. So, his enthusiasm got the best of him more than once. That led to a couple of wrong letters and puzzle solves.

So, Sajak took the opportunity to tell Anderson that he was, “wrong-ish.” A very funny and tasteful play on the title of Anderson’s show. Fans saw the pun coming from a mile away but still appreciated the execution.

By the time Anderson was done on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune he had amassed over $74,000 for his charity of choice. Just a fun and exciting night all around.

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Features Basketball Stars

This season of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune has been ramping up the level of star power it seems. However, the show has had some basketball stars appear on the program. One was a longshot, heartwarming story. The other, was big KAT, the former Rookie of the Year and No. 1 overall pick.

For real basketball heads, Andre Ingram is a great story. He spent a decade grinding away in the minor leagues and the NBA G League. Then, one day the call came in. He was moved up to the Lakers roster and ended up putting in a great performance. He became an overnight sensation and holds a special place in the history of the franchise.

Last night, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune had Karl-Anthony Towns. The former Kentucky Wildcat is a loveable and easy to cheer for type of player. Fans loved seeing him on the show. He is hoping to lead the Timberwolves to the playoffs. Along with rookie Anthony Edwards, the T-Wolves have a promising young roster.