‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Maggie Sajak’s Behind-Scenes Chat With Haley Joel Osment and More

by Megan Molseed

Earlier today, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune asked fans what celebrities Tatyana Ali, Haley Joel Osment, and Curtis Stone have in common. And, fans of the popular game show know all too well exactly what it is these three celebrities have in common!

All three were recent competitors on this week’s edition of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune which aired Sunday, January 23. And, with that, the trio of celebrities have another connection…each one was featured on the post-game show interview special hosted by Wheel of Fortune’s Social Correspondent, Maggie Sajak.

It was a fun episode of Celebrity Spin with Maggie Sajak as the newly appointed Wheel of Fortune Social Correspondent visited with the most recent contestant on the celebrity edition of the popular game show. And, thankfully, the Wheel’s Instagram page was eager to share these moments with us all.

“What do Tatyana Ali, Haley Joel Osment, and Curtis Stone all have in common?” asks the Wheel of Fortune Instagram page Monday afternoon.

“They’re in the latest Celebrity Spin with Maggie Sajak!” the Insta post continues in the post featuring Maggie Sajak’s discussions with the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestants.

In this edition of Celebrity Spin With Maggie Sajak, the Social Correspojdnt discusses strategy with the famous Wheel competitors, as well as some of their upcoming projects.

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Impresses Some Big Names!

“I didn’t realize how geeked I’d be until I was standing there and like, about to turn the wheel,” quipped Tatyana Ali of her time on the popular game show.

“When you see what letters have come before you start to play games in your mind,” notes Celebrtiey Wheel contestant Haley Joel Osment of his turn on the popular game show. The former Sixth Sense star adds that he did have a starting strategy starting. However, this quickly changed once the game began.

“It changes when you get up there,” Osment adds of his strategic approach to Celebrity Wheel. Osment notes that once he was actually playing the famous game show, he realized he just had to take it one puzzle at a time, noting he just tried to “quiet all that strategy” in his mind once the game was underway.

It may have been an unusual approach for the longtime actor. But, it certainly paid off for Osment in the end! Haley Joel Osment found himself to be the winner of last night’s Celebrity Wheel episode taking home a big win for his chosen charity, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. In total, Osment won a whopping $140,000 in winnings.