‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’: Maggie Sajak Chats With Tori Spelling About Her Performance

by Megan Molseed

Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling had quite a win during the January 2 edition of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. During her run at the Celebrity Wheel, Spelling raised a whopping $54,300 for her charity, Every Mother Counts.

Following her incredible Sunday evening, January 2 win on the popular Wheel of Fortune spin-off, Tori Spelling met with Maggie Sajak. During the interview, Spelling discusses her memorable appearance on the long-running game show.

“New year New Celebrity Spin with @MaggieSajak featuring @ToriSpelling,” notes the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page.

In the Monday morning Twitter post, the popular game show shares a video of Spelling talking about her win with Sajak.

“You seemed a little surprised when you got to the bonus round,” Wheel of Fortune Social Correspondent Maggie Sajak says to Spelling at the top of the post-show Celebrity Spin update.

“But you were a great player the entire time,” adds Sajak.

“I have five kids so we do a lot of game nights at home,” Spelling laughs of her game time skills during the interview.

The longtime actress adds that while she gets plenty of practice when it comes to Friday evening family-night games, this is still a first for her.

“I’ve been on game shows before and I never win,” Tori Spelling tells Maggie in the post-show interview. “So I was really scared.”

But, the actress notes, she couldn’t turn down an opportunity to compete on the classic game show.

Tori Spelling Believes Every Mother Counts

During her run on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, Tori Spelling played for the charity Every Mother Counts. This non-profit organization provides support to pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and through childbirth.

“It’s really difficult being a pregnant woman,” the actress explains.

“Especially when you don’t have access to the things that you need throughout the pregnancy.” the actress adds. “Every Mother Counts provides that to pregnant women.”

Tori Spelling Got Mad Props At Home For Her Appearance on ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’

During the Sunday evening interview, Tori Spelling tells Maggie Sajak that Wheel of Fortune has become a family thing since she and her kids enjoy watching the iconic puzzle-solving show at home.

“I grew up watching the show,” Tori Spelling tells Maggie Sajak during the interview.

“So, I love when something from your childhood can apply to raising your kids,” the actress explains. “Wheel of Fortune is definitely that cross-over.”

In fact, Spelling tells Maggie Sajak, one of her kiddos even wanted to join his mother on the set of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

“He was like ‘I can’t believe you’re going to be on Wheel of Fortune,'” the actress jokes.

Spelling’s son may not have been able to join his mother on the set during the taping of the show. However, we’re sure he is proud of his mother now after such an amazing win!