‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Michelle Trachtenberg Brutally Misses Easy Puzzle

by Chris Haney

During last night’s episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, actress Michelle Trachtenberg missed a painfully easy puzzle to the shock of many viewers. Although she basically got the answer right, she missed out because of a technicality.

Trachtenberg competed against musician Jason Mraz and actress Vivica A. Fox while trying to earn money for charity. While the three celebrities went at it during the lightning round, letters continued to pop up on the board until someone correctly answered.

The clue was “TITLE” for the two-word puzzle, which seemed clear as day after just a few seconds. The board read “T_ _ M_ _DA_ _RI_N,” and Trachtenberg buzzed in first. For anyone who hasn’t already figured it out, the answer is one of the most popular shows on TV. It’s become a huge hit on Disney+, and features a bounty hunter and his sidekick who early on is simply known as “The Child.”

Still haven’t figured it out? We’ll give you a couple more clues. It’s one of the newest additions to the Star Wars universe, and the sidekick is commonly referred to as Baby Yoda. If you still don’t know, you may need to brush up on watching Disney’s hit series The Mandalorian.

In the Wheel of Fortune contestant’s defense, Trachtenberg seemed to know the answer. However, she butchered the pronunciation of the show’s title. Mraz promptly buzzed in to steal the answer when he pronounced it correctly. Afterward, the celebrity contestant and host Pat Sajak shared an amusing exchange.

“You know, I just feel terrible about this,” Sajak starts to say.

“Yea, you should,” Trachtenberg jokes.

“Well, I do,” Sajak adds.

“What’s the difference?” she asks the host.

“Well, Mandelarian is not Mandalorian,” Sajak responds.

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Jason Mraz Misses Out On $1 Million Prize

During the same Celebrity Wheel of Fortune episode last night, Jason Mraz almost earned his charity a whopping $1 million. In fact, he had full control of the game for most of the show, but he couldn’t complete the Bonus Round puzzle.

Mraz had already earned $85,000 at the halfway point of the game show. So he only had to solve the final puzzle with “In The Kitchen” as his clue for the final round.

The musician had his work cut out for him though as hostess Vanna White revealed the two-word clue. It read “_ R _ _ N _ E   _ _ N” as Mraz eventually answered the second word “PAN” correctly. Yet he couldn’t quite complete the whole word, which was “BROWNIE PAN.” As the clock hit zero, host Pat Sajak revealed Mraz’s cash envelope.

“You know, you open these things up for good things. And then you have to show this,” Sajak said, as he pulled out the $1 million prize that Mraz lost out on.

Thankfully, the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestant still took home a huge donation for his charity. The show will be donating more than $130,000 to True Colors United because of Mraz’s performance.