‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Marvels at the ‘World of Chefdom’ in Hilarious Clip

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

Outsiders — Pat Sajak has done it once again. The host of Wheel of Fortune and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune is back to his hilarious ways.

We implore you — if you don’t already follow Pat Sajak on social media, now is the time. Whether it be on Twitter or Instagram, the beloved game show host has been keeping us laughing with seemingly each and every joke he makes. And just about everyone one of his posts contains a joke in one form or another.

Even at 75 years old, Sajak is still as sharp and witty as ever. The latest episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune is a perfect example of that. The show recently featured celebrity chef Curtis Stone. For those of you at home who don’t know him, Curtis Stone is an Australian celebrity chef. He’s also an author and popular television personality. Since 2010, he has been serving as the fresh food and recipes ambassador for the Australian Supermarket, Coles Supermarket.

As you can imagine, Pat Sajak had a few chef-related jokes up his sleeve for the episode. The official Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Twitter account posted one of those jokes in a clip on Saturday afternoon.

“Everybody is playing well, including the Chef, Curtis Stone. So good to have you here,” Sajak says in the video.

Sajak then joked about how many chefs there are on TV in today’s day in age.

“It’s amazing what’s happened in the “world of chefdom” in the last 20 years or so,” he said. “I mean, there have always been a few big names, you know, Julia Child and Graham Kerr and all that. But you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a chef these days. They are everywhere on television.”

We’re sure Curtis Stone would like to believe that he’s not just another chef on television, though. Celebrity Wheel of Fortune seems to agree. They captioned the post, “Not just another chef on television, right @cutisstone?”

Check it out down below:

Curtis Stone even replied back on Twitter.

“Right!” Stone responded with a laughing face.

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