‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’: See First Look at Tara Lipinski on Game Show

by Jonathan Howard

One of the best parts of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune has to be all the great stars from the past and present. Tara Lipinski is up next on the game show.

Back in 1998, Lipinski represented the United States and won Olympic gold in figure skating. She was a young star at just the age of 16 when she went on to win gold. In 1997, she became the youngest skater to win a U.S. National championship. A record she held until 2019.

Lipinski hasn’t been up to too much since then. Oh, just taking on a successful career in movies and TV, as a sports broadcaster, and this year she’ll be on the call for the Winter Olympics. So, she’s the perfect choice to be on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. She has even been on the show before.

Check out the clip below from Instagram and see her joke around with Pat Sajak.

“You were here like an eternity ago?” Sajak starts out.

“Like twenty years ago, I won!” the former Olympic champion said.

It was clear that they were both excited to be there. Lipinski has a bit of a competitive streak in her. There’s no way a teenager rises to the top of their sport like she did without being a little competitive. While she retired from skating in 2002, that burning passion is still alive and well it seems.

Another Figure Skating Legend Spun the Wheel

Earlier this season Celebrity Wheel of Fortune had another figure skating legend on the show. None other than Johnny Weir. Weir was known for his time as a young skating prodigy. However, the most surprising part of his career is the fact that he didn’t pick the sport up until the age of 12.

Weir is actually great friends with Lipinski and was a member of her wedding party back in 2017. Weir is a regular fixture at the Olympics and Winter Olympics. During his run on the Wheel, the skating legend did not win the big prize for his charity. However, he was able to raise over $65,000 for the organization. His charity focuses on providing athletic competition and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Hopefully, Lipinski is able to have the same level of success if not more during her time on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Continues

This has been a special fall season for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune fans. A full season of star-studded competition. Pat and Vanna remain in their usual roles. There’s something about the slightly different approach to the game that makes it fun and exciting.

Tara Lipinski is going to bring her best game to the wheel. So, her rivals should be on the lookout! Perhaps her puzzle-solving skills are as fine-tuned as her skills on the ice.